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Want to repair your home systems and appliances without breaking your wallet? Liberty Home Guard is ready to provide your Cleveland home warranty. With so many home warranty companies in Cleveland to search through, we’ve answered some questions to help you get started on your path to finding the best match.

What is a home warranty?

A home warranty is a service contract that covers the cost of repairs and replacement for your home systems and appliances. Breakdowns in the home can be costly and unexpected. An Ohio home warranty plan is a way for homeowners, new and seasoned, to save money and time on home repairs.

How is a home warranty plan different from homeowners insurance in Cleveland?

Every homeowner is required to have homeowners insurance in Cleveland, Ohio. Homeowners insurance protects homes from natural disasters and catastrophes. A home warranty protects the home’s appliances and systems from normal wear and tear. For example, if your heating system suddenly stops working, you file a claim with your home warranty company in Cleveland and they’ll send a technician to assess the situation, saving you time and money. A Liberty Home Guard warranty covers repairs, new parts, and replacements if necessary. Many homeowners see value in investing in both Cleveland homeowners insurance and a home warranty plan.

What does a home warranty plan in Cleveland cover?

Home warranty companies in Cleveland offer different coverage plans and prices. When choosing a home warranty, consider cost, quality, reputation, and your home’s unique needs. Every home warranty company offers yearly or monthly plans and a service fee for repairs.

Home Warranty Plans in Ohio

Appliance Guard

Home Warranty Appliance Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

Systems Guard

Home Warranty Systems Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

Total Home Guard

Home Warranty Total Home Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1.50 a Day!

Can I customize my plan to suit my home’s needs?

Here’s a list of some add-ons we offer that other companies don’t:

  • Pool and spa
  • Additional spa
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Floor/carpet cleaning
  • Sump pump
  • Septic system pumping
  • Limited roof leak
  • Pest control
  • Central vacuum
  • Standalone freezer
  • Re-key
  • Second refrigerator
  • Well pump

How does a home warranty plan actually work?

It’s simple: If something in the home breaks or is not working as usual, you call us and begin filing a claim. We do the rest of the work. We will send a technician to your house to assess the situation. The technician will determine whether a repair or replacement is necessary.

Why should homeowners invest in a Cleveland home warranty plan?

Cleveland is the land of four wonderful seasons and sometimes extreme weather in each of those seasons. Homeowners deserve to have some peace of mind when it comes to their home systems and appliances running smoothly year-round, whether it’s snowy or sunny outside. New and seasoned homeowners can benefit from home warranty protection, and would agree that shelling out thousands for a sudden issue with their furnace in the middle of winter is less than ideal.

Why choose Liberty Home Guard?

Liberty Home Guard offers competitive prices and the most customizable plans for homeowners investing in an Ohio home warranty plan. We are committed to meeting your home’s unique needs and to providing the highest quality workmanship. Repairs come with a 60-day workmanship warranty. Our support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ok, what next?

Feeling ready to choose a plan? Have more questions? At Liberty Home Guard, our dedicated support team is here to guide you through the process of selecting a plan and can answer any questions you may have about warranty coverage, how it works, and what to do when you need a repair.

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