Ceiling Fan Home Warranty

Ceiling Fan Home Warranty

How often do you clean and maintain your ceiling fan? This important appliance is often overlooked by many homeowners. But you rely on your ceiling fans to circulate air in your home. 

What would you do if it suddenly stopped working? Do you have a ceiling fan coverage plan to repair and replace it quickly?

Your first idea may be to replace the ceiling fan itself, but this can cost several hundred dollars.

No homeowner ever wants to be caught with malfunctioning appliances when they’re needed most. The cost of repairing or replacing these items may be high, and finding the right contractor is challenging.

That’s why getting a ceiling fan home warranty is an easy choice for homeowners. A Liberty Home Guard ceiling fan home warranty will protect you from unexpected costs. There’s no need to make that trip to Home Depot or Lowes when the entire cost of repair and replacement is covered by your warranty.

Are Ceiling Fans Covered with a Home Warranty?

It’s important to note that home warranties differ from home insurance. Insurance covers unlikely accidents such as floods, earthquakes, and fires. While worthwhile, these plans won’t cover minor appliance failures and wear and tear.

And for you—that means unexpected expenses.

It’s not uncommon for your appliances to break down out of nowhere. You may turn to a manufacturer’s warranty, but they rarely cover anything. A manufacturer’s responsibility often ends after the first year of ownership and rarely includes any defects besides “out of the box” problems.

That’s why a home warranty is the right choice. 

Ceiling fan home warranty coverage will provide repairs, replacement parts, and labor for your ceiling fan. You can even purchase additional coverage to protect other appliances and essential systems. 

Whether it’s your HVAC system, a water pump, stovetop, or a ceiling fan—home warranties are a necessary investment that will reduce your out of pocket expenses significantly.

Why Do You Need Ceiling Fan Coverage?

Ceiling fans help cool off a room and circulate air. They’re more energy-efficient than an air conditioner in many cases, saving you energy costs every year.

Residential ceiling fans last about a decade on average, with various issues popping up as they age. Some examples include:

  • The fan or light refusing to turn on. This is often caused by a problem with the electrical wiring.
  • Flickering light. A lightbulb replacement isn’t always the solution. It could be faulty wiring or voltage fluctuations.
  • Broken speed selection. This is a possible sign of a failing motor or faulty electrical wiring.
  • Wobbling resulting in the fan appearing to be falling off during use. This common issue is the result of faulty installation or damaged blades.
  • Noisy operation. An excessively loud fan could be a sign of loose connections between screws and brackets in the fan. Another possibility is rusty or clogged ball bearings, calling for lubrication. If you’re hearing grinding sounds as the blades spin alongside decreased airflow, you need a contractor to clean out your fan.

Why Choose Liberty Home Guard for Home Ceiling Fan Warranty Coverage?

The process of repairing or replacing ceiling fans can be expensive. Some dealer warranties only cover parts and labor for a single year. Extend the lifespan of your in-home appliances with a home protection warranty.

In need of ceiling fan coverage? Liberty Home Guard will connect you with a professional, licensed contractor to get the job done quickly and keep your family cool during the warm summer months. Our plans are flexible and appeal to a variety of needs and preferences.

Perhaps you need more than just a ceiling fan protection plan. Why not get your home air conditioner covered while you’re at it? Or even get coverage for entire systems like plumbing?

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