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Your Home Maintenance Checklist For Every Season

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Seasonal Home Checklist Do you know how frequently you need to perform maintenance on your home systems to keep them up and running? Unless you are directly following the manufacturers’ yearly maintenance suggestions, you probably aren’t doing enough to extend the lives of your in home units. As the leading American home warranty company, providing

Pool Maintenance 101

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Here at Liberty Home Guard we’ve made it out mission to simplify home ownership. One of the best ways to avoid a lot of pain down the road is with a little preparation up front. Your pool is likely one of the biggest investments in your home, and one of the most significant leisure

How to Take the Best Care of Your A/C Unit

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Keeping your home’s temperature under control is more than a luxury, and sometimes it is even a necessity—especially if you have young children or pets. We’ve spent the past year researching the best maintenance practices for keeping an A/C unit functioning strongly for both the near and long term. If you’re A/C system breaks down,

How IoT and Telematics will change your home life

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IoT has already begun disrupting a ton of commercial applications, with companies like Uptake led by Brad Keywell developing an algorithm that can do everything from provide an ER doctor guidance on what antibiotic to issue a patience to prevent a train from De-railing. It’s inevitable, devices will increasingly be coming online. And just as

Before You Buy a Home Warranty

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Before you purchase a home warranty you should understand what the key elements are. The key benefit of any good home warranty is granting you the peace of mind that you are covered if your appliances or home systems break down. It also removes the hassle of having to find the right technician or service