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What is a Dishwasher Air Gap?

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No matter how long you have owned your home, you will always something new come along to learn. Brand new homeowners to long-time homeowners, from the rooftop to the landscaping, everything around, below, in between, and inside, there will always be something new or unexpected regarding the maintenance and upkeep of your home...

Things You Must Know About Appliance Insurance

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The first thing you must understand is that your homeowner’s insurance will only cover damage that your home sustains from natural disaster and theft. To cover your appliances, electrical system, or plumbing system breaking down or malfunctioning, you need to obtain a separate policy of insurance for household appliances. ..

How to Decide When to Replace a Refrigerator

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In just about any home, the refrigerator and important key appliance, second only to the plumbing system. This item is in operation 24/7/365, even when you’re not home, it is working. The average refrigerator will last ten to twenty years but could need repairs during that time at 8 to 15 years...

Is a Home Warranty a Good Investment?

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When you buy a home, there are some processes and services that are expected, even required during the process before you take ownership. Like an appraisal, a pest inspection, and a structural inspection, as well as a comp report which compares the price that you’re paying for the house to others like it in the area...

Is Plumbing Covered By Home Warranty?

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Plumbing is important to your daily life, but it isn’t something you think much about …until it isn’t working right. And there is nothing worse than having plumbing issues! Well, there are worse, but not when you ready to take a shower or the toilet is overflowing...