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General Liability Insurance Information

Liberty Home Guard requires all service providers to carry general liability insurance

Please add Liberty Home Guard as an additional insured

Liberty Home Guard LLC

1202 Ave U, Suite #1061

Brooklyn, New York, 11229

(929) 463-9331

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Workers Compensation Insurance

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    Will you be willing and able to install part(s) or unit(s) that we (LHG) provide?

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    Review LHG's Service Requirements

    Liberty Home Guard LLC (“LHG”) Technician Information and Application Packet

    Service Requirements

    All technicians contracted by LHG are deemed to be independent contractors, and must be licensed/certified, bonded, and insured. Please provide us with proof of licensure/certification, bonding, and insurance.

    After receiving a Work Order from LHG, please make a call to the customer to set up an appointment, at your earliest convenience, but no longer than 3 to 5 hours after receipt of the Work Order. If for some reason you make contact with the customer prior to receiving a Work Order, please contact LHG as soon as possible, as you cannot perform a diagnosis without a Work Order.

    Please be on time for appointments. If you cannot make the scheduled appointment, please call the customer to acknowledge that you are running late, or that you have to reschedule.

    Your service call fee is not to exceed the amount stated in the Work Order as provided to you by LHG.

    Please be careful and respectful while at a customer’s home.

    Leave the service area clean and neat as it was found.

    Once a diagnosis is performed, you must either call or provide LHG with a full description of the diagnosis. We recommend you use the attached Diagnostic Form. Payment will be remitted to you within 1 - 2 business days of receipt of the diagnosis and any associated invoice/receipt/estimate.

    No repair work may commence until you have received explicit approval from LHG, or unless LHG has specified a pre-approved repair amount. If a repair is completed without the explicit approval of LHG, LHG will not remit your payment.

    No pricing (whether service call fee, parts, and/or labor) or discussion of whether the claim is covered or not is to be conveyed to the customer. Furthermore, no conversations between LHG and you are to be had in the presence of the customer. For example, with regard to authorizations, feel free to call us from your truck or outside the home, and not in front of the customer.

    After the diagnosis, if you do not receive authorization and you are still at the home, please tell the customer to call LHG with any and all questions regarding coverage. If asked, please make it clear that no final approval has been made as to whether the repair or replacement is covered.

    Billing Instructions

    LHG will provide you with a Work Order Number (and if repair work is authorized, an Authorization Number) for you to reference on your own invoice/receipt/estimate. For each item that you service (whether for diagnosis or repair work), we will require a pricing breakdown regarding service call fee, parts, labor, shipping (if applicable), and gross amount due. Unless otherwise stated by LHG, there is only 1 service call fee due per Work Order. Diagnoses and repair work (if authorized) must be completed before payment is remitted.

    Please note: LHG does not pay for travel expenses or any additional fees, including but not limited to, taxes, transaction fees, etc. If you are going to apply any charges for those items, they must be included in your rates.

    Please email all invoices to

    Operational Procedure

    LHG will contact your offices to confirm your company’s availability to service the customer, and a Work Order will be sent via email. The customer must be contacted by you within 3-5 hours after receipt of the Work Order to set up an appointment time. You must call LHG first for authorization before proceeding with any repair work, or the invoice amount will be your own responsibility. LHG will not pay any service call fees for diagnostic invoices/receipts/estimates that do not have a Work Order Number, and any repair work fees for repair invoices/receipts/estimates that do not have an Authorization Number.

    We recommend using LHG's Diagnostic Form when creating a diagnostic report. This provides the best chance for a smooth transfer of information, so that payment for authorized repairs/replacements can be made in an expedited matter. The Diagnostic Form includes all of the information we would need for a well-informed diagnosis. We have attached a copy of our Diagnostic Form for familiarization and convenience.

    Liberty Home Guard