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Alabama Home Warranty

Alabama Home Warranty

Life in Alabama has a reputation for being slow and easy with BBQs, days spent at the shore, and a general attitude toward ease, evading the big city life. However, the state’s climate does not match its residents’ ethos! The state has one of the highest summer temperature averages in the entire country, causing a huge strain to air conditioners and cooling systems. The humidity, too, wreaks havoc on all of a home’s appliances. Every year Alabama receives a copious amount of rainfall (an average of 56 inches annually!). It is also known for having far more thunderstorms than the average state. Thunder is reported on an average of 70 to 80 days per year! Alabama was also struck by 62 tornadoes in 2011 alone! On top of land-based disasters, the state is also prone to tropical storms and hurricanes alike. With such laidback attitudes but such volatile weather patterns, residents need a middle man to bridge the gap. That’s where Liberty Home Guard steps in.

Liberty Home Guard has the highest rated and most customizable home warranty plans in Alabama, that will suit all of your home’s needs. Whether a roof leak has your carpet looking like oatmeal or your broken sump pump has turned your basement into The Titanic, we are here to help! Protect your Alabama home with our Alabama warranty coverage plans. Air conditioner give out on a sweltering day in July? Stovetop fail to ignite in the midst of preparing fried green tomatoes? Secondary freezer crap out on the day of a big barbeque? Swimming pool pump fail you the day before your kid’s birthday party? Liberty Home Guard can help with all of this and more with our Alabama home warranties!

How Home Warranties Work In Alabama

  • When a covered item breaks, request service online or call Liberty Home Guard at (866) 495-6462. We are available 24/7 to help! We’ll immediately dispatch a local cont

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Alabama Home Warranty

Why Liberty Home Guard?

Our Alabama home warranty plans offer extensive coverage on all major home appliances and home systems. We even offer add-on coverage for more luxury items like home swimming pools and spas! We offer packages starting at only $1 per day so you can keep on keeping on in your relaxed, Southern way. At Liberty Home Guard, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We value, above all else, empathy. If you’re stressed, we’re stressed, and we are available 24/7 to assist you in all of your homeowner needs! We know that your home is your sanctuary, and any amount of time uncomfortable is unacceptable. At LHG, we vow to listen and take your concerns seriously. In our experience we find our customers to be happier here with us, with an above average renewal rate to prove their satisfaction. With a state motto like “We dare to defend our rights,” we know that Alabama residents mean business. And so do we. We dare to defend YOUR rights as a homeowner and customer of our warranties. You can count on us. No matter what.

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