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Hawaii Home Warranty
Hawaii Home Warranty

Liberty Home Guard is dedicated to expanding our affordable and reliable home warranty services to all Americans. We’re excited to announce that our top-rated plans are now available to homeowners and realtors in Hawaii.

Investing in a home warranty is a simple and inexpensive way to protect the costly appliances and systems you use every day. In choosing Liberty Home Guard to protect your Hawaii home, you’ll enjoy the most trustworthy and consumer-centric service American home warranty companies have to offer.

What Is a HI Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a service contract to maintain and repair home equipment. The homeowner keeps the contract active by paying a premium. When an appliance requires servicing, the homeowner files a claim. The warranty provider then arranges for a technician to visit the home on a service call. If the item can’t be repaired, the homeowner can have the appliance replaced. Though the homeowner pays a small service fee, the policy covers the full repair or replacement costs.

In general terms, this is how home warranty coverage works throughout the United States. Individual states, however, have specific rules and regulations that warranty providers must take care to follow. Home warranty plans in Hawaii are purposefully crafted to adhere to all applicable state laws.

Hawaii Home Warranty

What Do Hawaii Home Warranties Cover?

Home warranty plans are flexible. Homeowners can purchase coverage for a lone appliance or for a suite of appliances and systems. With Liberty Home Guard, you can find coverage for virtually everything you own.

Standard warranty coverage helps you protect your major kitchen and laundry appliances and infrastructural systems. These include:

  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers and dryers
  • Ovens and cooktops
  • Plumbing, electrical, and HVAC

You can also customize your policy to provide coverage for other things unique to your home. Popular add-ons to standard plans include:

  • Generators
  • Electronics
  • Lighting and plumbing fixtures
  • Water softeners

It surprises some homeowners to learn that a home warranty can even provide home maintenance services. Carpet cleaning, re-keying, and pest control are all services that Liberty Home Guard can provide.

Hawaii Home Warranty

Benefits of Hawaii Home Warranty Coverage

A home warranty plan that is tailored to your needs is an amazing investment. While it will of course provide peace of mind, here are some other benefits.

  • Savings. Home warranties are meant to save homeowners money. With the right plan, your yearly expenses will be significantly less than what you would have spent by fronting repair costs alone. A home warranty, in other words, pays for itself.
  • Convenience. Liberty Home Guard will handle finding a dependable technician to repair your home equipment quickly and competently. All you need to do is file a claim on our website. Gone are the days of juggling multiple service plans or personally searching for a trustworthy professional.
  • Simplified budgeting. Home warranties help you manage unplanned expenses. You’ll no longer need to worry about how to pay for a suddenly leaky dishwasher. Your warranty’s set premium makes it much easier to plan your monthly finances.

Get More With Liberty Home Guard

A home warranty is a tremendous asset, but homeowners need to take care to find a policy that is tailored to their needs. Some providers may off coverage that is redundant or insufficient. At Liberty Home Guard, we work with our customers to find the perfect plan.

Our hard work pays off. We have the honor of being the Better Business Bureau’s top-rated warranty provider in the United States because of our unparalleled service.

Reach out to our team to get started with a plan to protect your Hawaii home. Use our website for a free quote, or call (866)-526-1752.

Home Warranty Plans in Hawaii

Total Home Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1.50 a Day!

Systems Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

Appliance Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

Hawaii Home Warranty

Why is Liberty Home Guard one of the best
home warranty companies in Hawaii?

Here are just some of the reasons:

  • All technicians are licensed professionals
  • 60-day workmanship warranty
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Most add-ons, customizable plans, available in the business
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing
Now what?

Feeling ready to choose a plan? Still have questions? At Liberty Home Guard, our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions and to guide you through the process of selecting the best plan for your home.

What Our Clients Say About Us:

Special Offers!
Special Offers!
  • 2 Free Bonus Months
  • $200.00 off All Plans
Special Offers!
Special Offers!
  • 2 Free Bonus Months
  • $200.00 off All Plans
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