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Texas Home Warranty

Texas Home Warranty

Liberty Home Guard offers some of the best Texas home warranty plans! Whether your broken sump pump has turned your basement into a putrid swamp or your outdoor freezer has overworked itself into a mere storage container – we’re here to help. We offer comprehensive Home Warranty plans in Texas as well as optional add on coverage to ensure that every aspect of your home is secure. The best part about it is – these plans start at only $1 per day, so your bank account will be safe, too!

Home Warranty in Texas

When it comes to climate, Texas is its own planet. With more land mass than over 100 countries worldwide, it comes as no surprise that the state’s climate varies. The ‘Lonestar State’ has a well-earned reputation for extreme weather. It ranks #1 out of any state for tornado occurrences, averaging 139 per year! Texas also has a history of extreme flooding due to tropical cyclones and thunderstorms. The huge expanse of the state encompasses several different regions, all with distinctly different climates: Northern Plains, Trans-Pecos Region, Texas Hill Country, Piney Woods, and South Texas. Each area provides its own set of potential hazards. No worries though! We’re here to help ease your mind with the best Home Warranties in Texas.

Not only do Texas residents need high-functioning air conditioning, but reliable heating is necessary, too! The Northern area of the state averages 15-30 inches of snow per year. After toasty temperatures for most of the year, spoiled Texans need all the heat they can when cold air strikes!

Dust storms are another problem in the Northern region due to droughts, high winds, and poor land management. While dust might seem a mere annoyance, it actually causes many issues for home appliances. Dust and dirt particles clog exterior heating and cooling systems rendering them less efficient. When these systems are overworked, they begin to break down, resulting in more repairs or early replacements. Dust can also clog clothes washers and dryers leading to more strain. While Liberty Home Guard won’t bring you Swiffers or ostrich feather dusters, we WILL bring you the best Home Warranty in Texas!

Humidity runs high in Texas’s Hill Country, and humidity is known to wreak havoc on home systems and home appliances! Flooding is also common in the lower-lying areas due to the run-off from surrounding elevated areas. Flooding causes serious damage to any appliances in basements or on ground floors. You’ll want to be sure that your sump pump is in working order lest your basement become a dangerous, electric indoor pool! Here at LHG, our service lines are open 24/7. We are always on-call to protect your Texas home at the drop of a (cowboy) hat!

The Piney Woods region of Texas is subject to many severe thunderstorms and hurricanes. Lightning from storms can also zap appliances, rendering them completely useless. Hurricanes result not only in water damage but wind damage, too. Prevent leaky roofs and displaced gutters from wreaking havoc on your home with our home warranty plans in Texas.

The South of Texas is also prone to hurricanes as well as extreme temperatures, too. Summer highs average around 100 degrees! Not only do highs like this have your A/C running like a racehorse, but any outdoor refrigerators or freezers are at risk of overworking, too! When cooling systems have to combat extreme heat, they undergo much strain which leads to frequent repairs and replacements. But don’t sweat! Liberty Home Guard offers add-on warranties which cover secondary refrigerators and freezers so you can store excess Lone Stars and food items worry-free.

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Texas Home Warranty

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Our team at Liberty Home Guard is as reliable and loyal as they come. We are available at every hour of every day so that our customers are never left high and dry. Here at LHG, we value integrity and empathy above all else. We are attentive as we listen to our customers, and we take their needs very seriously. We understand that the home is where the heart is, and it is our highest priority to keep yours safe! Our team at Liberty Home Guard values your comfort as much as our own. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We are confident that we provide the best options for Home Warranty plans in Texas. So, give us a holler! You will be so happy that you did!

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