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Maryland Home Warranty

Maryland Home Warranty

Because of its topographical variation, Maryland boasts the nickname “America in Miniature.” It ranges from sandy dunes and sea grass along the coast to hilly oak tree forests in the Piedmont region, to low marshlands near the Chesapeake Bay to pine groves in the Maryland mountains to the west. Due to the geographical diversity of the state, the climate is, you guessed it: also diverse!

The eastern half of Maryland rests upon sandy shores and muddy soil. The Atlantic Coastal Plain boasts short drives to the beach as well as a humid subtropical climate. While this is nice for all you Maryland beachcombers, it is much less pleasant for your home systems and home appliances! Humidity wreaks havoc on HVAC systems, and high temperatures in the summer stress air conditioning systems to the point of rupture. Your fridge and freezer will be on overdrive during the summertime as they struggle to preserve your fresh caught crab and lobster! If you’re near the coast, you are at risk for tropical cyclones! Tropical storms come with copious amounts of rainfall and strong wind damage which can cause damage to all of your home systems and home appliances! Luckily, Liberty Home Guard has you covered with the best home warranties in Maryland.

If you live in the mountains to the West, you experience a great deal of snowfall in the winter months, often averaging over 100 inches! While snow is beautiful and great for winter sports, it can leak into your home and cause some serious damage! Make sure your leaky roof is covered and appliances are protected from the dangers of melting snow. The last thing you want in the thick of winter is for your heating system or your water heater to go out. But with Liberty Home Guard’s home warranty plans in Maryland, you can rely on us to help you around the clock. We keep our phone lines and online customer support open 24/7 so as soon as you have an issue, we tackle it. We are here to help with our home warranty services in west Maryland!

How a Maryland Home Warranty Plan Can Help You!

Liberty Home Guard offers three types of plans: a systems plan, an appliances plan, and a total plan that includes both appliances and systems coverage. We provide several flexible options such as: month-to-month, annual, and multi-year home warranty policies. We know that different people have different needs. For instance: if you don’t own a microwave but do own a swimming pool, we can make necessary adjustments to your plan to provide you with the most optimal cost-effective coverage! Our Maryland home warranty options are flexible to meet our individual customers’ needs. We know that we offer the best home warranty in Maryland, and we can prove it, too!

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Maryland Home Warranty

Why Choose Liberty Home Guard?

With an above average renewal rate, and a high rate of positive feedback and reviews, we know that our customers are happiest here with us. We care deeply about satisfying our customers and providing a peaceful state of mind for homeowners in Maryland. That’s why we are available all day and night. We guarantee to immediately address your issues and dispatch the necessary contractors right away. Above all else, we value empathy. We promise to always be considerate and compassionate as we listen to your problems and we will treat you with the utmost respect. We don’t take our jobs lightly, and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability. We know that we are the best option for a home warranty plan in Maryland, and we can prove it. Give us a try! You will be so glad you did!

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