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Michigan Home Warranty

Michigan Home Warranty

If you’re lucky enough to live in the beautiful state of Michigan, you might be aware of the upward trend in the state’s home values. Up 8.6% from last year, Michigan homes are becoming highly coveted! While there may be dollar signs in your eyes, it is important to also exercise caution! Whether you plan to stay in your home or eventually sell, it is imperative to make sure that everything is in working order. No one wants to buy or live in a home with a leaky roof or a toilet for a basement! Due to severe weather in the Southern part of the state (averaging seventeen tornadoes per year) and extreme snowfall statewide, there is a lot that could go wrong! From hail damage to zapped appliances to a broken heater during blizzard season, it is important to ensure that you are protected from disaster and discomfort! That’s why here at Liberty Home Guard, we offer full comprehensive coverage with our Michigan Home Warranty company.

How a Michigan Home Warranty Plan Can Help You!

Liberty Home Guard has the highest rated and most customizable home warranty service in Michigan that will cater to all of your individual needs. Do you have a cabin in the Upper Peninsula with an oasis-like sauna? An idyllic home with an outdoor pool? Do you host dinners or summertime barbeques? No matter what your hobbies are, we’ve got you covered! Our plans cover anything you could possibly need from heating and cooling systems to stovetops and sump pumps. We even have add-on coverage for more luxurious items such as home spa systems and pools! Here at LHG, if you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We are thrilled to offer peace of mind to our customers with our top-rated home warranty plans in Michigan!

We Offer The Accompanying Guarantees:

  • When a covered item or home system breaks down, you have the ability to request service online or call Liberty Home Guard 24/7 365 days of the year at (866) 495-6462. We will  immediately send a thoroughly trusted, local contractor/technician to your home to assess and rectify any and all of your outstanding issues. Liberty Home Guard is unique too in that we trust your judgment! If you have a specific contractor or technician that you feel comfortable working with, we can hire them for the job! What works best for you is what works best for us.
  • Respect & Empathy- At Liberty Home Guard, your home is our home and our home is yours! If something goes awry, we address the issue as quickly as if it were our own. We know that the stress of a broken appliance or damaged home system can be intolerable, which is why we work as hard as we can to get everything back in working condition. When you call our Customer Support Line, we promise to attentively listen to your needs and concerns and to trust your judgment about what needs work. We know that our customers know what is best for their homes (after all, they did choose us for coverage!).
  • We understand that bad things happen, sometimes several happen at once! With a Liberty Home Guard’s home warranty service in Michigan, there are NO limits to how many claims you can place during the term of your policy.

Limited Time Offer! Enroll Now and Receive:

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Michigan Home Warranty

Why Choose Liberty Home Guard?

Liberty Home Guard genuinely cares and is always available at any hour of any day. We are here to help through the phone or through the Internet, whichever is more convenient for you! We have a proven customer base which has a much higher average renewal rate than other companies. Whether you have an investment or rental property or your own home that needs maintained, our MI Home Warranty will always come through for you. You can sleep easy knowing that Liberty Home Guard will always work hard to ensure that your needs are met! When life hands you lemons, give them to us. We’ll take care of everything.

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