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Home Repair Insurance
Home Warranty Plans

Home Repair Insurance: What to Know

Home repair tends to take us by surprise. Insurance can help us prepare for an unexpected breakdown, but it can be challenging to make sense of the different kinds of home maintenance insurance policies.

April 16, 2021READ MORE
Websites for Buying Appliance Replacement Parts
Home Maintenance

Top 10 Websites for Buying Appliance Replacement Parts

A small town hardware store may not carry the exact parts you need to repair your home appliance, but you can find virtually all appliance replacement parts online. In this post, we’ll take a look at where you can buy new and used appliance parts on the web.

April 13, 2021READ MORE
Buyer’s Home Warranty Cover
Home Warranty Plans

What Does a Buyer’s Home Warranty Cover?

The right home warranty plan shouldn’t be tailored just to a home’s appliances and systems. It should also match the policy holder’s relationship to the home. Home buyers, home sellers, and longtime residents of a home who are not planning to sell all have different needs when i

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Home Warranty Company
Home Warranty Plans

What Is a Home Warranty Company?

Though it’s easy to forget in the bustle of day-to-day life, we depend on all kinds of home systems and appliances to keep our homes safe and comfortable. Our lives would be very difficult without reliable plumbing or electricity, or without a functioning refrigerator or stovetop.

April 6, 2021READ MORE
How You Can Get Full HVAC Coverage
Home Warranty Plans

How You Can Get Full HVAC Coverage

If you live in a state prone to extreme heat or frigid cold, you know your go-to best friend in the summer or winter is the air conditioner/furnace. What HVAC coverage is simply, is peace of mind. 

April 4, 2021READ MORE
Home Warranty Coverage Prices
Home Warranty Plans

What Are Home Warranty Coverage Prices?

The primary purpose of a home warranty policy is to provide home maintenance services and appliance repair at an affordable cost. If the total home warranty cost year over year exceeds what the homeowner would have otherwise spent by personally hiring independent contractors, the warranty is almo

March 31, 2021READ MORE
Common Heating System Problems

Home Heating System Problems and How to Fix Them

It’s freezing outside, you’re wearing a hat and gloves in your home, and you’re searching the internet for “reason for heater not working.” How did we get here?

A home heating system not working properly isn’t just inconvenient; it ca

March 14, 2021READ MORE
Common Pool Problems and How to Prevent Them

Common Pool Problems and How to Prevent Them

A pool is an irresistible summer luxury, but they demand a great deal of attention. Homeowners need to consider problems that can afflict the pool’s water and equipment.

March 7, 2021READ MORE
Problems With Washing Machines

Most Common Problems With Washing Machines

Washing machines take a beating. With every cycle, they’re exposed to great volumes of water, harsh detergent, and tremendous mechanical force. With frequent use, a malfunction is virtually inevitable.

March 6, 2021READ MORE
Common Ductwork Problems

5 Common Ductwork Problems and How to Solve Them

Your home’s HVAC system would be indispensable even if all it did was keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But the ventilation a properly functioning HVAC system provides is critical to maintaining a healthy living space. Poor ventilation can mean high levels of toxic gases a

February 28, 2021READ MORE