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Home Warranty Vs. Appliance Warranty
Home Warranty Plans

Home Warranty Vs. Appliance Warranty: What’s Right for You?

A home warranty and appliance warranty are similar policies. People sometimes even use the terms interchangeably. So, which one is for you? In this article, we’ll give you the information you need to make the right decision.

December 30, 2020READ MORE
Equipment Breakdown Coverage Vs. Home Warranty Coverage
Home Warranty Plans

Equipment Breakdown Coverage Vs. Home Warranty Coverage

More Americans are investing in home warranties to afford some level of protection for their major home appliances. Even the most luxurious kitchen and laundry appliances can malfunction or break down, and repairing or replacing them—especially if the manufacturer’s warranty has expir

December 29, 2020READ MORE
Difference Between Home Insurance and Home Warranty Coverage
Home Warranty Plans

What’s the Difference Between Home Insurance and Home Warranty Coverage?

As home warranties become a more popular investment for homeowners across the United States, many people previously unfamiliar with the service are wondering how home warranty coverage compares to traditional homeowner’s insurance. Understandably, homeowners are reluctant to purchase a home

December 27, 2020READ MORE
Home Warranties Cover Old HVAC
Home Warranty Plans

Do Home Warranties Cover Old HVAC?

Along with plumbing and electrical, the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is one of a home’s most critical infrastructural components. The effects of a failing HVAC system can be more severe than just discomfort in the heat or cold. An improperly ventilated or climate-contro

December 20, 2020READ MORE
Home Warranty Cover Pipe Corrosion Repair
Home Maintenance

Does a Home Warranty Cover Pipe Corrosion Repair?

New homeowners are often disappointed to learn of the narrow scope of coverage of most homeowner’s insurance policies. Unless they stem from a specific natural event, major disruptions to the home are not covered by insurance. This has pushed more homeowners to invest in home warranties, wh

December 17, 2020READ MORE
Seller’s Home Warranty
Home Warranty Plans

Seller’s Home Warranty: Can a Home Warranty Save You Money?

Some homeowners are surprised to learn that there are different categories of home warranties. Depending on the situation, one can purchase a buyer’s home warranty, seller’s home warranty, or even a real estate home warranty. All are designed to save you money and help you more easily

November 18, 2020READ MORE
10 Things You Didn't Know A Home Warranty Can Cover
Home Warranty Plans

Things You Didn’t Know a Home Warranty Can Cover

As home warranties gain in popularity, most people understand them as ways to protect your major home appliances, such as refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. And that’s absolutely true! A home warranty is an excellent way to keep those machines in tip-top shape. But the possib

November 16, 2020READ MORE
How to Maintain Your Septic Tank
Home Maintenance

Tips for Maintaining Your Septic System

According to the EPA, more than one in five households in the United States rely on septic systems instead of public sewer systems. For homes with septic systems, regular maintenance of the tank and overall system is critical. Neglecting septic tank system maintenance can lead to plumbi

November 12, 2020READ MORE
What to Do When Your Basement Floods
Home Maintenance

What to Do When Your Basement Floods

A flooded basement is one of the most frustrating problems a homeowner can face. Beyond the laborious cleanup, there’s lingering problems of water damage, possible mold growth, and general basement flooding repair. Considering that standard homeowner’s insurance policies rarely cover&

November 10, 2020READ MORE
Reasons Why a Home Warranty Is Worth the Cost
Home Warranty Plans

Top Reasons Why a Home Warranty Is Worth the Cost

Life as a homeowner is expensive. Many homeowners are reluctant to take on additional costs unless absolutely necessary. As home warranty plans become more popular, many people find themselves asking the same question: Are home warranties worth the money?

November 9, 2020READ MORE