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Nevada Home Warranty

Nevada Home Warranty

If you’re lucky to live in the most lawless, lenient state, you know that in order to play hard, you need to have peace of mind. Whether you’re slaying the slots at the MGM Grand, hiking at Red Rock Canyon, or sweeping your betrothed off their feet at a Tunnel of Love Ceremony, it is pertinent to partake in your activities worry-free. If you are a homeowner in the great state of Nevada, you might be aware that the value of homes is on the rise! Between 2018 and 2019, the median cost of a home in the Silver State rose by a whopping 11%! Hold your horses though. Be aware that to maintain a home and keep hold of its value, you must take some precautionary measures. That’s where Liberty Home Guard steps into the picture.

The temperature range in the desert territories is as wide as the Colorado River. While summer highs often reach the upper 90’s and lower 100’s, lows in the dark nights of winter usually drop to the 20’s and 10’s. Due to the diurnal temperature variation, residents of Nevada rely on both: reliable air conditioning and reliable heating. The average lifespan of heating and cooling systems is about fifteen years; however, repairs can be necessary at any point. No one wants to be without AC on a scalding summer day, nor does anyone want to be without heat in the dead of winter! Luckily, LHG offers extensive coverage for both systems!

Dust storms are a common occurrence in Nevada, resulting in all sorts of strain on home systems and home appliances. Whether sand and dust are clogging your clothes washing and drying machines or settling on your refrigerator coils, problems are sure to arise! Here at Liberty Home Guard, we offer coverage on all major home systems and home appliances so that no matter what goes awry, we can sweep in and assist you with our home warranty plans in Nevada!

How our Nevada Home Warranty Plans Can Help You!

Liberty Home Guard offers the highest rated and most personalized home warranties in Nevada. We know that there are different strokes for different folks! Do you own a luxury condo in Las Vegas? A spacious ranch house in the wild Nevada desert? Do you enjoy the pleasure of a relaxing outdoor pool? No matter what your hobbies are, we’ve got you covered! Our plans cover anything you could potentially hope for: from heating and cooling systems to stovetops and microwaves. We even offer add-on coverage for more extra hobby items such as swimming pools and secondary refrigerators! Here at LHG, we value empathy and take great pride in our customer service. If you aren’t happy, we’re not happy. We are pleased to offer our customers not only extraordinary service, but above all, the most important thing: peace of mind. With our Nevada home warranty coverage, you can rest easy under the desert sky!

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Nevada Home Warranty

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Our team at Liberty Home Guard is as reliable and loyal as can be, and we have the figures to prove it! Our renewal rate is much higher than average, demonstrating that our customers are satisfied. Here at LHG, we will drop anything to help our customers. That’s why we are available 24/7 to assist with all of your homeowner needs! A home should be a place for solace, not stress. If you are uncomfortable in your home, we are uncomfortable in ours. Give us a chance to prove it! We are certain that we provide the best options for Nevada home warranty. And we know that you will be too.

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