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North Dakota Home Warranty

North Dakota Home Warranty

Your homeowner’s insurance is there to provide you a level of coverage that will pay, or help you pay for repairing or replacing your home and the contents should they be damaged by fire, theft or certain other perils. A North Dakota appliance protection plan should also provide a level of coverage if you accidentally damage property belonging to another person or cover any expenses of person(s) injured in your home or on your property.

What your homeowner’s insurance won’t cover are those unexpected expenses when you have an appliance failure. You know those things like the refrigerator dies, or the central heat dies in the middle of a cold North Dakota winter. Even worse is when the water heater quits right in the middle of a shower or you walk into the garage with 6 inches of water coming from the water heater! Who needs those things happening – ever?!

Liberty Home Guard At Your Service!

Those are times that a North Dakota home warranty with LHG comes to your rescue. We are here for you, 24/7/365, offering budget-friendly rates with convenience and ease of using our services. Give us a call at 833-LHGUARD when one of your covered appliances fails and place a service request and we’ll have a certified service agent in touch with you quickly! LHG offers different levels of coverage for North Dakota home warranty plan to fit any budget. We are the pros at providing the inside workings of American homes that will make those unexpected problems that arise in your North Dakota home.

All Home Warranties Are Not Alike

There are several North Dakota home warranties to choose from these days, but not all of them alike. And not all of them work to gain customer trust. Liberty Home Guard will always put our customer’s needs first, which is why we have gained the respect of millions of homeowners. It is our long standing reputation that our customers have come to know and expect when their air conditioner or heater goes out. When their refrigerator, washing machine or dryer stops, they know they can count on LHG to get them back in the game.

The North Dakota appliance protection plans that we offer here at Liberty Home Guard, will not only provide you protection when you need it, but it will be only the best of the best contractor that will service your appliances. We have a large network of independent contractors that we have worked with and who have earned our respect and trust so that we can maintain your respect and trust for us.

We cover all major brands, makes, and models and if we can’t get your appliance repaired, we will replace it with a similar brand-new unit for a small service cost. Before you buy into any home warranty, take the time and read the fine print because not all home warranties do. This is what makes us one of the most desired companies for a home warranty in North Dakota today. With over 1 million homeowners trusting Liberty Home Guard each year is simple proof we are the best in this industry.

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North Dakota Home Warranty

The Home Warranty Company For North Dakota Buyers, Sellers, and Homeowners

When it comes to the best North Dakota home warranties, Liberty Home Guard is the go-to company to call if your buying for your own home or for a home you’re selling. And if you’re buying a home that offers a home warranty option, request LHG so that you know you’re getting the best of the best. We offer a range of home warranty packages for both buyers and sellers as well as current homeowners.  One of our agents will be happy to talk to you about the differences and provide the pricing schedules, just give us a call at 833-LHGUARD.

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