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South Dakota Home Warranty

South Dakota Home Warranty

The average homeowner’s monthly budget doesn’t have room for major unexpected expenses like repairing or replacing the air conditioner and heating system. While you may be able to unclog the garbage disposal, replacing it may be more than you can afford or have the DIY know-how. But having a South Dakota home warranty plan would be the solve all for you.

Home repairs can be expensive, not to mention, challenging and difficult as well as time-consuming.  home repairs? If not, a home warranty plan is right for you. Even if you own rental property, because you are a landlord, you are responsible for most, if not all repairs.  With one of Liberty Home Guard home warranties in South Dakota, those worries would be easy to handle with one phone call to 833-LHGUARD.

Protect Your Home In South Dakota

With any of our plans, you can protect your home in South Dakota against any of those unexpected, out-of-budget home repairs.  One call to LHG and we have a pre-qualified, experienced independent contractor in touch with you promptly.  They will come to your home or property, assess the issues you’re having, then determine if repairs are possible and feasible or if a replacement unit is the better choice.  For you, all you’ll be out is a low-cost service call.

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South Dakota Home Warranty

All Home Warranty Plans Are The Same?

No, not all home warranty plans in South Dakota are not the same.  Some are less expensive, but as they say, you get what you pay for.  Give LHG a call at 833-LHGUARD and get a quote from us. Tell us what your budget can afford and what you’re looking to get covered, our agents will give you a quote and explain what you’re getting for that rate.

Of all the South Dakota home warranties on the market today, Liberty Home Guard is one of the best and most popular among existing homeowners and realtors.  It is a feature you can add when selling your home that could make the difference in selling it or having it on the market longer.

And if you’re buying a home, request the seller provide a home warranty plan through LHG so that you can protect your home In South Dakota. You won’t have to worry about your budget or depleting your savings account with a new refrigerator or repairing the cooling or heating system.  One call to LHG will get those things taken care of for you, cheap and easy!

Extra Help For Pennies A Day!

A LHG South Dakota home warranty is the extra help you’ll need for those unexpected, out-of-budget home repairs, and it will only cost you pennies a day. Before you buy one of our many different home warranty plans, call around and get estimates on repairing or replacing your central heat and air system, or replacing the dishwasher in the property you rent out. Check your finances and see if you have the extra money on hand to replace the water heater or washing machine unexpectedly.

Liberty Home Guard have several plans available for South Dakota home warranties that you will find to be a valuable tool to have. Especially for those who aren’t handyman DIY homeowners or the busy mom and dad, taking time out of your busy schedule to fix the garbage disposal or electrical system in your home.  Time is money and most homeowners do not have enough of both.

With one of our home warranty plans in South Dakota, LHG can take those worries away from you and be that right hand that every busy homeowner need today. Give us a call at 833-LHGUARD and let our customer service team provide you a quote.  You’ll be glad you did!

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