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Missouri Home Warranty

Missouri Home Warranty

If you live in the beautiful state of Missouri, which is situated in the United States mid-western area and known as the Show-Me State, you may not think that you should protect your Missouri home from appliances or systems failing in your home. With homes in Kansas City having almost 500,000 residents and St. Louis with more than 315,000 residents, homeowners and landlords can appreciate the convenience of having a Missouri home warranty plan for those unexpected failures and problems.

While Kansas City and St. Louis are the two largest cities in the state, the smaller cities and towns contribute to the livestock, manufacturing of chemicals and metals, and agriculture contributions for the state’s economy as well. And in those smaller towns of Columbia, Parkville, Rocheport, and Springfield, just like the larger, more known cities, the need for home warranty plans in Missouri is just as important. And at Liberty Home Guard, we are here to offer this level of protection.

Missouri Home Warranties Provide A Level Of Protection

Like anywhere else in America, the summers get hot, the winters get cold in Missouri, and every home has appliances and systems that are essential in creating the comforts of home. When any of those things fail, it can be not only uncomfortable for the residents but stressful for the homeowner. The average household budget is not prepared to have things like the air conditioning heating, kitchen or laundry appliances repaired or replaced at a moment’s notice.

This is when having a Liberty Home Guard Missouri warranty coverage for your kitchen and laundry appliances offers you a peace of mind. Things like the dishwashergarbage disposal, washer and dryer, as well as the built-in microwave, range and refrigerator can be covered within one of many plans or we can customize one to better fit an individual’s needs and budget. Give us a call at (866) 495-6462 and one of our customer service professionals will discuss what we have available and how we can make this the best thing you’ve ever done for your home happen.

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Missouri Home Warranty

How Does a Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty Work?

No matter if you’re planning a family get together with food being prepared or it is everyday life of showers and washing clothes, you want the appliances and systems in your home to be in proper working order. In the hot summers, you want your home to be cool and in the winters with temps in the 20’s, your home should be providing you shelter and warmth.  A MO home warranty with Liberty Home Guard will be there waiting for you if any of those things quit working or have a malfunction.

With an LHG home warranty plan, you make one phone call to (866) 495-6462 and we will have a professional technician in touch with you immediately to schedule an appointment. They will assess the problem and either repair it or order a replacement unit. The only expense to you other than purchasing one of our award-winning plans will be a small service call fee.

In Missouri, just over 40 percent of the energy used in homes is for heat. That tells us that the winters get cold and nothing can be worse than temps falling into the 30s or lower and the heat quit working. Or load up the dishwasher after a holiday meal and it won’t work. These are just two reasons that every Missouri homeowner should have a Missouri home warranty plan from Liberty Home Guard.

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