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California Home Warranty Company
California Home Warranty Company

From Silicon Valley to Los Angeles, homeowners in California manage a range of weather and other issues that can impact your home – your most valuable asset. That’s why it’s so important to have coverage for when things go wrong. A home warranty from Liberty Home Guard will help protect your home and budget when unexpected breakdowns in the home occur.

How does a home warranty in California work?

A home warranty is a service contract that covers the cost of repairs and replacement of your home’s systems and appliances when they break down over time from normal wear and tear. This is not to be confused with homeowners insurance, which protects your home when natural disaster or theft occurs. Homeowners find that having both homeowners insurance and a home warranty is essential.

While homeowners insurance is intended to protect your home when natural disaster hits, a home warranty takes care of the repairs that your home will need when things break down from normal use. For example, extreme heat can wear on your home’s plumbing and make it necessary to have a working AC. 

A California home warranty is not to be confused with a manufacturer’s warranty. A home warranty provides comprehensive coverage of your home’s systems and appliances. The brand and age of the appliance do not matter. A manufacturer’s warranty, on the other hand, is much more limited in that it covers only one appliance and usually lasts for one year from the date of purchase.

California Home Warranty Company

What is home warranty coverage in California?

Wherever you live in The Golden State, Liberty Home Guard has you covered with a network of state licensed, vetted technicians. When an item in your home breaks down, all you have to do is file a claim in our customer portal or call our Customer Support Team and we’ll provide you with one of our technicians to complete all the necessary repairs.

We provide coverage regardless of age or make of your appliances. Whether you live among the sunny beaches in San Diego or the hills in San Francisco, no landscape or microclimate will keep us from helping to protect your most valuable investment.

Here’s how the claims process works:

Liberty Home Guard has innovated the home warranty process with our customer portal, making filing claims easier, faster, and more efficient. You can access this online 24/7. Our Customer Support Team is also available by phone.  

We have created a network of state licensed, vetted technicians throughout California that provide the highest quality workmanship. All repairs come with a 60-day workmanship guarantee. 

    California Home Warranty Company

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to how it all works:

    • File a claim online in the Customer Portal or call our Customer Support Team.
    • After paying your per claim fee, we’ll put you in contact with a local contractor to schedule your appointment.
    • After officially diagnosing the problem, the contractor will contact us to make sure the issue is covered by your plan.
    • If everything checks out, the contractor will then repair or replace the item in question.
    • Afterwards, we’ll check in with you by email or phone to ensure all repairs were completed to your satisfaction.

    How much does a home warranty in California cost?

    California home warranties from Liberty Home Guard come in three major plans with additional coverage options to fit your home’s unique needs.  

    Why do I need a home warranty in California?

    As the most populated state, California homeowners are as diverse as the landscape. Liberty Home Guard understands this, which is why our coverage is customizable. Some homeowners need septic system coverage, especially in more rural parts of the state, whereas other homes may have a salt water pool

    California Home Warranty Company

    A home in West Hollywood has different needs than a home in Santa Barbara. We make sure to provide you with coverage that makes sense for your home and budget, which is why we offer highly customizable warranty coverage for California residents.

    Our policy terms are wide ranging as well. You can invest in a month-to-month, annual or multi-annual (multiyear) payment plan. Liberty Home Guard offers extremely competitive pricing and true to fashion, customizable payment options.

    Why Choose Liberty Home Guard?

    From celebrity sightings in the famed Hollywood to the inimitable beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge, Liberty Home Guard is committed to its California homeowners, real estate professionals, and technicians. Choosing Liberty Home Guard as your California home warranty provider will give you peace of mind when things break down in your home while protecting your budget. We were rated the #1 Home Warranty

    by U.S. News & World Report, received an ‘A’ grade from The Better Business Bureau, and have a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Google. No other home warranty company can tout the nearly the same level of customer satisfaction.

    Your CA home means a lot to us. And we want to ensure you get the peace of mind you deserve from our coverage. All repairs come with a 60-day guarantee, and if you don’t like your coverage, you can cancel it within 30 days with a full money back guarantee, no strings attached.

    Call our Customer Support Team at (866) 904-4435 to learn more about coverage in your area. We are available 24/7 and can help you find the plan that works best for your home.

    Home Warranty Plans in California

    Total Home Guard

    Plans Starting at less than $1.50 a Day!

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    Systems Guard

    Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

    Appliance Guard

    Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

    California Home Warranty Company

    Why is Liberty Home Guard one of the best
    home warranty companies in California?

    Here are just some of the reasons:

    • All technicians are licensed professionals
    • 60-day workmanship warranty
    • 24/7 customer service
    • Most add-ons, customizable plans, available in the business
    • Committed to customer satisfaction
    • Competitive pricing
    Now what?

    Feeling ready to choose a plan? Still have questions? At Liberty Home Guard, our dedicated support team is available to answer your questions and to guide you through the process of selecting the best plan for your home.

    What Our Clients Say About Us:

    Special Offers!
    Special Offers!
    • 2 Free Bonus Months
    • $200.00 off All Plans
    Special Offers!
    Special Offers!
    • 2 Free Bonus Months
    • $200.00 off All Plans
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