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Vermont Home Warranty
Vermont Home Warranty

Vermont may be the sixth-smallest state in the nation, but there’s no shortage of things to do and see. Vermont residents and tourists alike enjoy rolling mountains, picturesque lakes, and storybook New England towns throughout the year. But as thrilling as adventures in the great outdoors can be, we all want a safe, functional home to return to at the end of the day. After a full day of skiing at Smuggler’s Notch, few things are more unwelcome than a busted water heater or clothes dryer.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to protect the appliances and systems that make a home comfortable and secure. Vermont home warranty coverage can ensure the maintenance, repair, and replacement of equipment in and around your home.

What is a VT Home Warranty?

A home warranty is a contract that provides affordable service coverage for major home components. A Vermont warranty is simply a class of such contracts that are designed for Vermont homeowners and are drafted to follow all Vermont laws and regulations. A warranty is a great way to protect plumbing, electrical systems, expensive appliances, and other parts of the home that homeowner’s insurance typically does not cover.

How Does a Home Warranty Work?

There are several different kinds of home warranties. Some are designed for homeowners looking to sell their home. Others are tailored for recent buyers, longtime homeowners, and even realtors. But most Vermont home warranties operate on a similar principle. Here’s how it works.

Vermont Home Warranty
  • When an appliance or system fails, the warranty holder contacts the provider and submits a service claim.
  • The warranty provider then dispatches a professional technician to the home to diagnose the issue. Warranty providers have networks of licensed, bonded, and insured technicians.
  • The technician repairs the system or appliance, if possible. If the equipment is beyond repair, the warranty provider will cover the cost of its replacement. The warranty holder pays only a small service fee.

What Does a Home Warranty Cover?

Home warranties can cover virtually any major appliance or system in a home. Warranty providers often offer standard plans that cover a range of home components.

For example, Liberty Home Guard’s Appliance Guard plan covers refrigerators, dishwashers, garbage disposals, ovens and cooktops, washers and dryers, ceiling fans, and more. Our System Guard plan protects a home’s plumbing, electrical system, water heater, ductwork, and heating and cooling systems.

Home warranty plans in Vermont can be adjusted to include coverage for additional items that are common to homes in the state. Such items may include septic tanks, well pumps, hot tubs, saunas, and more.

Vermont Home Warranty

What Are the Benefits of a Home Warranty?

Whether you have a home in Brattleboro or Burlington, Montpelier or Milton, a home warranty has numerous benefits.

  • Savings. Home systems and appliances are expensive. A faulty refrigerator can cost several hundreds of dollars to repair. A home warranty protects homeowners from these costs.
  • Peace of mind. A home warranty ensures the security and functionality of a home. This can be especially reassuring for homeowners who are away from their homes for much of the year, and Vermont has the second-highest percentage of second homes in the United States.
  • Convenience. No one wants to deal with fixing home appliances and systems. Warranty providers take care of all the legwork.

Protect Your Vermont Home with Liberty Home Guard

Get in touch today to learn more about home warranty plans that suit you and your Vermont home. Call (866)-526-1752 to speak with us over the phone. You can also use our website to request a free quote.

Home Warranty Plans in Vermont

Total Home Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1.50 a Day!

Systems Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

Appliance Guard

Plans Starting at less than $1 a Day!

Vermont Home Warranty

Why is Liberty Home Guard one of the best
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Here are just some of the reasons:

  • All technicians are licensed professionals
  • 60-day workmanship warranty
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Most add-ons, customizable plans, available in the business
  • Committed to customer satisfaction
  • Competitive pricing
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Special Offers!
Special Offers!
  • 2 Free Bonus Months
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Special Offers!
Special Offers!
  • 2 Free Bonus Months
  • $200.00 off All Plans
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