Best 10 Home Maintenance Mobile Apps for 2020

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 05/07/19
Best 10 Home Maintenance Mobile Apps for 2020

Remember those old “There’s an App for That!” commercials from the 2000s? Smartphones, both Android and iOS, have gained immense traction in our personal and business lives thanks to the added functionality of mobile apps.

There are apps to help you plan out vacations, make reservations at restaurants, find nightclubs, and share photos on social media. But what can a smartphone do for you as a homeowner? While it can’t cook dinner or vacuum the rug for you yet, mobile apps that can help with home maintenance do exist.

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Top Home Maintenance Mobile Apps of 2020

1. OurGroceries App

As its name suggests, this app is a grocery list, but it does far more than that. You can make separate lists for individual shopping locations. You can also organize your items by business or personal needs.

For example, you might have one list of groceries to pick up at Costco after work and another that helps you remember what items you need from Home Depot for your home improvement project.

OurGroceries also has integration with Amazon Echo, so you can let Alexa add items to your lists conveniently.

2. Evernote App


A popular note-taking app that university students, business professionals, and individuals alike use daily—Evernote is excellent for home maintenance. Users can keep track of projects, make checklists for new materials, set reminders, and even record images or audio clips if necessary.

Planning on paper is an important step toward organizing your home maintenance work. Instead of fumbling with a bulky notebook, put all your notes in your pocket with Evernote.

3. Cozi

Cozi is essentially a family organizer. If you have kids, color-code their activities into a convenient schedule on your iPhone or Android device. Take advantage of the integration with Google Calendar to sync your work schedule too. It’s perfect for scheduling family meetings and events.


4. Mint


This app helps families balance home budgets and manage their finances. You can keep track of bills and receive notifications in case you overspend. It also enables you to track and improve your credit score, making it invaluable for keeping up a home maintenance budget. Mint is likely one of the most useful apps for new homeowners for this reason.

5. Walmart Savings Catcher


Do you shop at Walmart and wonder whether the low prices could be even lower? Walmart Savings Catcher is a free service that scans your Walmart receipts and saves you money.

If the app finds a better price (even from another store),it will refund you the difference to your bank account directly. Essentially, it’s an automatic post-purchase price match system. Use the extra money to pay for home repairs or warranty payments.



Here’s a popular app with many positive reviews. TAKL tracks your home maintenance projects and links you up with contractors and professionals to help out.

Since DIY isn’t always the answer when it comes to property upkeep, TAKL saves you money and time.

7. Centriq


The next time you’re faced with a misbehaving dishwasher, think about how convenient it would be if you knew exactly how to fix your problem.

Centriq is the perfect app for facilitating home appliance repair. Whenever you get a problem, take a picture of the device’s product label. The app then fetches:

  • The user manual
  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Tutorial videos for repairs
  • Where to buy replacement parts

Order supplies through the app directly too. You get all the relevant information in one centralized place. The developers are also working on a recall notification feature that will ensure your family is only using safe appliances.

The app is also the winner of the National Association of Home Builder’s “Game Changer” award. It’s no wonder why we consider it one of the best apps for homeowners.

8. Happy Plant


Just like it sounds, Happy Plant is an app that reminds you to water your plants. Flora can add a natural, cozy feeling to your home’s environment. Watering the plants regularly is easy to forget, but this app gives you convenient notifications for doing so.

Upon installation, the user can name individual plants and receive separate notifications for each. You can also create time-lapse videos to watch your plants grow over time.

9. HomeZada


HomeZada is an inventory management app for keeping track of documents and project details. It’s all the important information, including maintenance and finances, regarding homeownership in a single, organized place. We recommend HomeZada for new homeowners wanting to get up and running quickly.

10. ADT Pulse


Home safety is a topic that every homeowner must consider. ADT Pulse connects your smartphone with your home alarm, motion detectors, and security cameras to notify you whenever a situation arises.

Arm your security system, lock doors, and control the lights from any location with the app. Give your family peace of mind regarding home security.

Make Home Living Easier

These home maintenance apps will make your experience as a homeowner straightforward, stress-free, and, above all, rewarding. 

Don’t forget to protect your family from appliance breakdowns with a home warranty from Liberty Home Guard as well. Get in touch with us on our website today for a quote.

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