Differences Between Regular and High-End Appliances

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/12/20
Differences Between Regular and High-End Appliances

There’s a lot to consider when you’re designing your new living space. Perhaps you want a homey, wood grain look to your kitchen. Or maybe a more modern approach would be suitable when it comes to the living room. How much are you willing to spend on internal design? Getting some smart features like voice assistants or smart TVs could be a great idea.

One decision every homeowner must consider is whether to buy standard quality appliances or high-end ones. Are the Sub-Zero or Thermador branded fridges worth the extra cost over the regular appliances? Or should you even think about the high-end Samsung washing machine when the cheaper brand exists?

Let’s talk about the differences between regular and high-end appliances, as well as advice on deciding on home warranty coverage for your new products.

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Total Cost

The most obvious contrast between the two options is the cost. You pay considerably more up-front for a higher-end appliance than a regular one. The home warranty for professional grade appliances tends to be more expensive as well. However, the distinction isn’t that simple.

Because high-end appliances also last longer on average, the ultimate value for your money, in the long run, could be better. While the difference today could be several hundred dollars, you end up getting what you pay for in the end.


Standard appliances are designed to be “good enough” for most consumers. You want your clothes washed, groceries preserved, meals cooked, or dishes cleaned? A regular appliance does the job to an acceptable degree.

But ask yourself first: are you a regular consumer? Do you cook a lot or use expensive ingredients and dishes? A high-end stove will offer extra stovetops with double the BTUs of a standard stove. A BTU is a measure of the heat given off by a stove. The higher this figure, the faster your water will boil and the quicker you can achieve optimal temperatures.

Plus, high-end products use more expensive materials like stainless steel over cheaper materials that other appliances use to reduce manufacturing costs.


Regular appliances tend to share a classic design reminiscent of early 90s architecture. Think about old fridges with square freezers on top. Newer, high-end appliances often have sleeker and shinier looks with more options to customize.

Noise Level

High-end appliances, thanks to their better components and newer technologies, often operate more quietly than their cheaper counterparts. Dishwashers, for example, aren’t as obtrusively loud at the high-end.


High-end appliances offer more options when it comes to physical size. Sure, a large fridge fits more food, but perhaps you want your fridge to sit flush with the countertop in your kitchen. In that case, custom dimensions are more likely to be available on more expensive models.

Feature Set

Want extra features in your fridge like internal temperature control, humidity adjustments, anti-spill barriers, and even touchscreens? Or perhaps flash dry cycles in dishwashers to prevent water spots? Invest in them.

Warranty Coverage

When deciding on a high-end appliances warranty, keep in mind that professional-grade products aren’t always covered by a regular home warranty plan.

While rare for most appliances, certain manufacturers may offer enhanced warranties because they stand by their products. Meanwhile, mid-grade appliances will come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty that will protect you from manufacturing defects for up to one year. Beyond that period, you’ll be on the hook for any repairs that you need to make.

Looking for a Professional Grade Appliance Warranty?

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