Do Home Warranties Cover Roof Repairs and Replacements?

Ellie Brooks

Written By Clint Bird

Published 01/19/23
Do Home Warranties Cover Roof Repairs and Replacements

Roof repair is an important part of maintaining a safe and sound living environment. Without a watertight roof, it’s impossible to ensure that the interior of your home is safe from the elements. Additionally, if the roof of your home is in a state of disrepair, it can lead to costly, time-consuming repairs in the future. Fortunately, homeowners can take advantage of Liberty Home Guard’s home warranty coverage to keep their roofs in good condition and save money on otherwise costly repairs.

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What Are the Dangers of a Roof Leak?

A leaky home roof is unfortunately one of the most common issues that homeowners grapple with. Whether it’s caused by poor construction, inadequate maintenance, or extreme weather, a leak can strain your home and wallet alike. Don’t be complacent if you notice even a small drip or water stain. A roof leak can quickly spiral out of control and cause remarkable damage. All it takes is one heavy rainstorm before you’ll be forced to deal with cascading problems. Here are the potential consequences of a leaky roof. 

1. Structural Damage 

A leaky roof will quickly undermine your home’s structure. Rain, melting snow and ice can rot wood, corrode metal, and weaken framing and support beams. Water also quickly destroys sheetrock and drywall. Problems of course compound over time. Eventually, a leak can lead to a collapsed ceiling or wall.

2. Mold and Mildew

Leaky roofs invite moisture, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow. This can damage or at the very least discolor your home’s walls, ceilings, floors, and furnishings. But mold and mildew will also lessen your quality of life. Mildew will leave your home smelling dank and musty, and breathing in mold spores can negatively impact your health. People with respiratory sensitivities are most at risk.

3. Water Damage and Staining

Leaking roofs lead to water damage in your walls, ceilings, and even your foundation. This starts as unsightly stains, but soon progresses to threats on your home’s structural integrity. You can’t simply scrub away a water stain. Water damage requires material replacements, making repairs quite costly. 

4. Higher Energy Bills

An overlooked consequence of a leaky roof is its tendency to make your home less energy efficient. Water can damage in-wall insulation, making it less efficient at mitigating temperature exchanges. Corroding materials can also result in air gaps, allowing cool drafts into your home in the winter and air-conditioned air out in the summer. 

5. Decreased Home Values

Also consider your finances. For the four reasons stated above, a leaky roof significantly reduces the value of your home. This of course makes it difficult to sell or refinance. Do you want to buy a home with a leaky roof? Other buyers don’t want to either.

Does Home Warranty Cover Roof Repairs and Replacements?

Homeowners have a couple methods to protect themselves financially when it comes to roof repairs. Let’s start with home insurance.

Homeowner’s insurance protects your home’s structure and your personal property should they become damaged or lost due to a fire, storm, theft, or other disaster. For example, if a strong thunderstorm takes down a tree and destroys part of your roof in the process, your insurance will likely cover the repair costs.

Insurance is unlikely, however, to cover a minor roof leak that develops due to old age or insufficient maintenance. That’s where a home warranty can come in.

A home warranty is usually understood as a service contract to repair and replace appliances and systems, but some home warranties can include roof coverage. No home warranty will cover a full roof replacement—it’s simply too costly and something that homeowner’s insurance is more likely to handle. But certain home warranties, including many of Liberty Home Guard’s plans, will cover limited repairs for roof leaks.

Comprehensive Home Warranty Coverage: Roof Repairs and Beyond

Liberty Home Guard offers limited roof leak coverage as an optional add-on to our standard Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and Total Home Guard plans. We welcome our customers to personalize their plans and create a home warranty with roof coverage as they see fit.

Our policies enable homeowners to patch roof leaks as they appear. The moment you notice a drop of water coming from your roof or ceiling, use the Liberty Home Guard Customer Portal to file a claim. We’ll arrange for a licensed, bonded, and insured home professional to attend to your home within 48 hours. Your technician will assess the problem, patch the leak, and your roof will be as good as new.

This process saves you a significant sum of money. There are savings in the immediate service. That is, you’ll pay less to have your roof patched than you would if you had sought out an independent contractor. But a home warranty that covers roof leaks also enables you to realize the savings of avoiding costly future repairs. By patching a small leak, you’re mitigating damages and protecting your home from more devastating roof damage that neither homeowner’s insurance nor a home warranty will cover.

Of course, you can also use a Liberty Home Guard home warranty to protect the appliances and systems that your roof shelters. From kitchen and laundry appliances to electrical and plumbing systems, our robust coverage will ensure that you can repair or replace virtually any piece of critical home equipment at an affordable price.

Explore our website to learn about our most popular plans. Consider our suite of optional add-ons, from septic tank pumping and gutter cleaning to pest control and pool coverage. When you’re read to craft a plan that suits your home and lifestyle, use our website to request a free quote. You can also talk through your options with a member of the Liberty Home Guard team by calling (866)-432-1283.



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