Garbage Disposal Repair Cost & Coverage

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 08/23/20
Garbage Disposal Repair Cost & Coverage

As with all appliances, the cost of repairing a garbage disposal is dependent on the nature of the problem and the quality of the unit. On the low end, a repair job could cost around $75. High-end disposals with modern features could cost as much as $400 to repair. Nationally, the average garbage disposal repair cost is approximately $250.

The price to replace garbage disposal units can be much higher because you’re paying for both a new unit and the cost of installation. A cheap unit can cost as little as $50, but modern disposals can go for $350 or more. A professional who can replace a garbage disposal for you can command anywhere from $250 to $450. This means the average price of garbage disposal replacement is somewhere around $550.

Now that we have some general figures, let’s take a closer look at some of the factors that can affect the cost to repair or replace your garbage disposal.

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Types of Disposals

There are two general kinds of garbage disposals, each with their own pros and cons.

  •          Continuous-feed garbage disposals. The continuous-feed disposal is quite common. It operates with an open drain, allowing users to insert food scraps even when the unit is running. On the one hand, this is convenient. You can dispose of scraps as you’re cleaning up after a meal. On the other hand, it leaves the unit susceptible to damage. Silverware and other objects can fall in the drain, jamming or damaging the disposal.
  •          Batch-feed garbage disposals. The batch-feed disposal is less common. It requires a stopper over the drain to function, so users must dispose of food scraps in batches. This can require more planning, but it’s ultimately safer. There’s little risk of unwanted items falling into the disposal.

Continuous-feed disposals tend to cost less than batch-feed models. This is partly because continuous-feed disposals are more popular, so there’s a greater variety of models to choose from. If your kitchen uses a batch-feed disposal, prepare for the possibility of paying a little more for its repair or replacement.

Garbage Disposal Features

Like most other appliances, garbage disposals can be upgraded or equipped with all sorts of bells and whistles. These can inflate the cost of repairing or replacing your disposal.

  •          Power and wiring upgrades. Some disposals get power through a wall outlet. Others are hardwired in-wall by an electrician. Often, wiring can be modified to allow for a switch at a more convenient location. More advanced power solutions can make for steeper installation or repair costs.
  •          Drain connectors. Occasionally, a dishwasher can be fitted with a drain that connects to the garbage disposal. This kind of setup can increase costs as well.
  •          Noise dampeners and baffles. Some disposals have modifications to limit the amount of sound they produce. A baffle can serve the dual purpose of dampening noise and preventing things from falling into the disposal. Baffles aren’t terribly expensive, but it’s another cost to consider.

These are some of the most common upgrades. There are also treatment dispensers, quick mounts, anti-jammers, and a range of other features. More complex units cost more to repair.

Does Home Warranty Cover Garbage Disposal Replacement and Repair?

In some cases, a garbage disposal warranty can be provided by the unit’s manufacturer. If that isn’t an option, a home warranty can certainly cover garbage disposals.

If you’re interested in a home warranty that includes garbage disposal coverage, consider Liberty Home Guard’s Appliance Guard plan or Total System Guard plan. Use our website to get a free quote, or call us at (833)-544-8273 to learn more.

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