How Do I Schedule Routine Home Maintenance?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/12/20
Schedule Routine Home Maintenance

There is more to owning a home than the financial responsibility. The routine home maintenance is another responsibility and it is a big one because it protects the financial investment you have made in buying a home. When you have made the largest purchase you’ll ever make, you want to take the steps to take care of it and that is done with labor, time, and some additional financial means as well.

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What Is Routine Home Maintenance?

Just like your vehicle needs maintenance with regular oil changes and fluid levels checked, your home has components that need your attention as well. By performing certain things around your home, you’ll catch things that are needing repair or replacing before they become a headache and more costly than they would be otherwise. Knowing how to maintain house household beyond the daily duties of washing the dishes, mowing the lawn, and other basics, there are several things that you should check on, some are monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or annually and there are things that need to be done all year long.

Here, we are going to offer some basic house maintenance tips that when followed, will keep your home healthy and extend its lifespan for many years to come:

The Monthly Routine

  • The HVAC filters should be checked and change or cleaned once a month, especially if there are occupants in the house that have allergies or other breathing issues. out HVAC filters. If a check doesn’t show there is any dirt, you can skip the cleaning or replacing, but definitely, follow through the next month.
  • The garbage disposal will accumulate food particles that can begin to smell over time. You can find several ways to clean and deodorize your it, and one tried-and-true process is to freeze an ice tray of vinegar and then let the disposal grind them up. This will not only rid any odors, but it will sharpen the blades too. There are products on the market for garbage disposal odors too.
  • The range hood filter sucks in all the air from cooking and other activities in the house. You can purchase an auto degreaser product that works wonders getting range hoods cleaned. Once you have followed the instructions, let it sit out to dry before replacing it.
  • The fire extinguishers should be inspected once a month, watching the stated date for replacing or recharging it that will be on the tag.

The Quarterly Routine

  • Your carbon and smoke detectors should be tested every quarter and the batteries replaced every month. Every detector should have a “test” button that you simply press and if the alarm goes off, then you know it’s in working order. If not, replace the batteries even if you have recently, do it again.
  • And automatic garage door opener should have auto-reverse by law. You can test this feature by putting a 2×4 board where the door closes. It should automatically reverse itself within a second after hitting the board. The photo-electric sensors should be tested as well and can be one by holding something in front of the sensor and close the garage door. If it is working properly, it won’t allow the door to close.
  • Any bathroom that isn’t used daily, run water in the sink and/or tub as well as flush the toilet. This will keep any buildup of grime at bay as well as keep the gaskets soft.
  • Check your water softener and if needed, add salt. Most of the time, this won’t be necessary, but checking it is.

The Biannual Routine

  • To keep corrosion and mineral building up, check the pressure relieve valve on your water heater. This is also a safeguard to prevent leaks, extend the lifespan, and keep the water heater working as efficient as possible.
  • Doing a deep cleaning of all the appliances, carpeting, flooring, windows, from the top floor to the basement is always a good idea twice a year. By keeping your house clean of the dirt, dust, and grime that builds up, you’ll keep your home in great shape and feel good about it too.
  • The coils on your kitchen refrigerator need to be vacuumed to keep it running as cool and efficient as possible. The cleanest house on the planet will have dust accumulated on the coils!

Once  A Year Routines 

In the Spring, do your “Spring Cleaning”, with a special focus on the exterior. The winter months can do a number on your home and you want to get it ready for the brutal hot summer that’s coming.

Make sure the exterior drainage is letting water flow out ad away, and if there are any puddles created from that for 24 hours, you need to get your gutters cleaned, including the downspouts. Dirt, leaves,and small limbs will accumulate in your gutter, as well as the granule sediment from the shingles, causing them to clog up and not drain as intended.

Look for any paint chipping or other damage to the siding. If you see loose or missing bricks, or cracks in the foundation, now is the time to get that fixed.  Get the air conditioning system serviced for summer and repair or replace any torn screens. Make sure the trees are trimmed back from the electrical wires and the roof or windows.

At the start of summer, check your gardens, lawn as well as the exterior again. Now is the time to do those check and clean the bathroom and kitchen grout, check for any plumbing leaks. Schedule a pest control service for ants, moths, spiders, etc. and knock down any cobwebs.

Clean your deck, porches, and walkways, re-stain any areas needed and make repairs if needed.  Clean the windows and window wells, including any in the basement.  Check the dryer vent and clean it out as well as any other exhaust vents. And what better time to clean and reorganize the garage or storage shed!

The in-between season of all seasons in Fall. You need to wrap any summer projects and get prepared for winter. Flush the water heater so remove any sediment and winterize the air conditioning system. If you have window units, remove them and store them for next year.  For a central air system, place a tarp over the outside unit and use bungee cords to secure it.

Make sure the heating system is ready for winter and seal up any cracks around doors and windows. Make sure all vents are open throughout the house and clear of any debris. Have your furnace checked so that you will have heat when that first cold front comes in.

Turn off all outdoor water faucets, winterize them by covering them and detach all water hoses and store them for winter. Now is a great time to get the chimney clean also. If you have a sump pump, have it checked out as well and make sure there aren’t any major cracks in the driveway or walkways. Get stocked upon salt for the sidewalk and make sure your snow shovel is easy to get to.

The Winter Routine

Do a walk-thru of the interior and take care of those things that you put off this past summer. Now is the time to make repairs and anything that may be your honey-do list. Check the roof and gutters for

ice dams and icicles with each round of ice and snow, have de-icing cables installed on the roof.

Make sure your electrical system is ready for the winter, replacing any GFCI outlets if needed and go through those tightening handles and knobs. Make sure all deadbolts and locks are in working order.

Caulk around bathtubs and showers, clean all showerheads to remove any sediment and do a deep cleaning in the basement. Makes sure every window in the house is clean of any mold and none have air leaks around them.

Final Words

If you find there are things that need repair services, check your home warranty plan before doing it yourself or calling another company. This could void your home warranty contract and end up costing you more. Liberty Home Guard offers this home maintenance checklist for your convenience and if you don’t already have one but like to buy a home appliance warranty, give us a call today for a quote and more information!

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