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How IoT and Telematics will change your home life

Paul Cody Cody
Paul CodyPublished March 12, 2020
How IoT and Telematics will change your home life

IoT has already begun disrupting a ton of commercial applications, with companies like Uptake led by Brad Keywell developing an algorithm that can do everything from provide an ER doctor guidance on what antibiotic to issue a patience to prevent a train from De-railing.

It’s inevitable, devices will increasingly be coming online. And just as it is changing the way businesses run their operations, as the technology becomes more prevalent, it will change how your home is run. One of the first, and most popular, technologies to come into the home was the smart thermostat and frankly if you can afford the installation cost it’s a no-brainer since over time, it pays for itself by saving you money on your utility bill. Now we’re seeing funkier and outlandish gadgets that 5 years ago we couldn’t even imagine. Amazon has developed buttons you can press to automatically order basic necessities, such as laundry detergent and toilet paper to your home.

While these are all nice to haves and could help you streamline how your home operates, there’s a completely untapped arena that we view will be just as big, if not bigger, preventative diagnostics and solutions. Today, a company such as Uptake has clients like large, industrial railroads and it uses it’s algorithms to read data generated by a train and forewarn it’s clients before the train breaks down or derails. It’s much easier to resolve a problem if you address it before it arises.

One exciting technology we’ve been looking at is Inirv Smart Stove device. Inspired by an experience on of the founders, Akshita had when her mother left the stove top on. This device replaces your stove top knobs and includes a detector. It will notify you whenever the stove top is left on after a certain period of time, if it detects smoke or excessive heat, and comes with a timer that you can use to automatically turn the stove off.

In another example, one we are hard at work on here at Liberty Home Guard, let’s take a look at your clothes washer, today you’ll only be able to tell something is wrong once an unexpected event, like a complete breakdown happens. However, by applying technology that already exists elsewhere, we can preempt breakdowns and let you know to stop using your clothes washer before it blows up (figuratively). Telematics sensors will be used to track everything in your appliances from abnormal vibrations, to overuse, to putting too many clothes (by weight or water level) into your device.

Here at Liberty Home Guard, we are undergoing a relentless effort exploring how these technologies can be used to fulfill our ultimate goal—simplifying home ownership by prevent headaches that could and should be avoided.

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Home MaintenancePublished March 12, 2020

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