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What Is Considered Structural in a House Warranty?

Asked by Pawel Ogonowski
Paul Cody
Paul CodyStaffAnswered on 17-March-2020

Home warranties come in a variety of price points, coverage plans, and agreements. For example, your home might come with structural protection. You might find yourself asking, “What does a structural warranty cover?”

All new homes come with a standard structural home warranty that covers the home itself for some time. Specifically, the plan guards:

  • Workmanship
  • Load-bearing structural components
  • Roof framing systems
  • Floor framing
  • Distribution Systems
  • and many others.

Why Is a Structural Warranty on New Homes Necessary?

Newly-constructed homes often experience quality control issues due to corner-cutting by the builders. Pairing your home with a suitable home warranty can help you stay protected in case a problem arises after you move in.

Structural issues are also notoriously expensive to repair, as they usually involve significant renovations and replacements. A warranty protects the homeowner from the costs and the builder from the liability.

Structural warranties are agreements between the builder and the buyer. The builder receives the insurance, while you, the homeowner, are the beneficiary.

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