Top 5 Reasons for a Dryer to Stop Spinning

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 09/22/20
Top Reasons for a Dryer to Stop Spinning

A clothes dryer is one of those luxuries that’s easy to take for granted—right until you find it isn’t working when you have a heap of soaking wet laundry on your hands.

Many homeowners will find themselves in this unfortunate situation at some point. Laundry appliances are complex machines that take beating from moisture, heat, and the rapid spinning of the drum. Mechanical and electrical parts can and do fail, and homeowners may find their dryer or washing machine won’t spin.

One of the most common laundry appliance issues that homeowners encounter is a dryer that ceases to spin but otherwise functions normally. A dryer not spinning but heating is typically due to a damaged mechanical part around the drum or motor. If you’ve discovered that your dryer stopped spinning, here are five things that could be at the root of the problem.

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5 Reasons Why Your Dryer Won't Spin

  1.        A broken drive belt. Tumble dryers have belts that wrap around the drum and cause it to spin. These belts can break due to general use, leaving nothing to propel the drum. You don’t need to take your dryer apart to check for a broken drive belt. Simply use your hand to spin the drum yourself. If it moves easily with no resistance, the drive belt is likely broken.
  2.        Worn drum rollers or axles. Dryers have two or more drum rollers on axles to support the drum as it spins. Over time, these rollers wear down and don’t spin as freely as they should. This creates resistance against the drum, which can strain other mechanical components and eventually prevent the drum from spinning. You can determine if your drum rollers need to be replaced by spinning them with your hands. If they don’t spin freely, they need to be swapped out.
  3.        A damaged drum glide. A drum glide is a piece of plastic in front of the dryer. It supports the drum as it spins. There is more friction as the glide wears down, and the drum can start to grind against the front of the dryer. This taxes the motor, and the dryer may cease to function. Check your glide for signs of wear, but be aware that a worn glide may have already exacerbated issues elsewhere in the dryer.  
  4.        A faulty drum bearing. The rear of the dryer’s drum is usually supported by a drum bearing. Just like the other mechanical parts in the dryer, the drum bearing can become damaged over time. An especially bad bearing can keep the drum from spinning entirely. A faulty bearing can make a great deal of noise. If you’ve been hearing a lot of grinding or squeaking from the rear of the dryer, a bad bearing could be at fault.
  5.        Drum or motor obstructions. A dryer not tumbling can sometimes be due to an obstruction of some kind. Small items of clothing or objects that weren’t removed from pockets could become lodged between the drum and housing or in the motor’s blower wheel.

How to Save Money on Dryer Repair

While it’s possible to troubleshoot and repair your dryer by yourself, most people don’t know how to fix a tumble dryer that won’t spin. It’s usually more convenient to hire a professional to take care of the problem. But this doesn’t mean you need to front the dryer repair cost by yourself. A dryer home warranty can ensure the repair or replacement of your machine for a fraction of the cost.

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