Best 5 Apps for Real Estate Agents in 2024

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 12/17/23
Best 5 Apps for Real Estate Agents

Most homebuyers don’t know how much behind the scenes work a real estate agent does to sell a new home. There’s more than just showing a home to prospective buyers. This is testament to all the coordination and planning that agents must do in order to pair their clients with the home of their dreams. 

Fortunately, there are many apps for real estate agents that can help them manage all the details, from scheduling open houses to organizing all a property’s records. Because we understand how crucial it is to be organized and prepared when selling a home, we’ve compiled a selection of the best mobile apps for real estate agents. 

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Best Apps for Real Estate Agents 

1. Calendly

Calendly Logo

Calendly is ingenious because it coordinates across multiple calendars. This is the definitive real estate business app for scheduling home viewings and meetings with clients. A large percentage of selling a home is coordinating and meeting with prospective homebuyers. Calendly helps you organize it all.

Our favorite feature: Its automation options include rescheduling and cancellation requests, eliminating the need for emails or phone calls.

2. Realtors Property Resource

This is the most comprehensive real estate business app. There are many project management apps out there that will help real estate agents, but this one is specifically designed with them in mind. Realtors Property Resource creates workflows, streamlines communication with vendors and clients, and organizes all of your documents. Realtors Property Resource is an indispensable CRM database for real estate agents.

Our favorite feature: Includes a database of 1 million+ listings with thorough property details.

3. Zillow Premier Agent

Zillow Premier Agent logo

Zillow is recognized as the top real estate apps for realtors. It’s a CRM database that includes access to marketing materials and calendars to help you schedule and streamline your appointments. It is also considered the best real estate closing app with its user-friendly features that organizes all the essential documents in one place.

Our favorite feature: You can track competitors’ spending in your zip code.

4. Curb Hero

Curb Hero

Block Party is quickly becoming recognized as one of the best apps for organizing open houses. It collects the information of all your leads and you can set it up to send text messages to prospective buyers. It now includes marketing materials specially designed for social media.

Our favorite feature: Access to full background information on leads.

5. PropertyBase

Propertybase logo

PropertyBase is another CRM database that helps you to streamline all your necessary documents and client information. It is user-friendly and comprehensive in the features that it offers, including all the tools you need to close on a property. 

Our favorite feature: User-friendly dashboards that organize workflows.

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