Choosing the Best Home Warranty: A Comprehensive Guide to Top Provider

Written By Rachel Cherem

Published 06/13/24
Choosing the Best Home Warranty

The home warranty industry is bigger than ever. The variety of services and policies across numerous competing companies grows every year. Where does the average homeowner begin?

Use this guide as your home warranty cheat sheet. We'll help you sort out what modern home warranty companies offer and how they stack up against one another. We think you'll agree that Liberty Home Guard is a cut above.

A Growing Industry

The residential use of service contracts to maintain expensive home equipment dates to the early 1970s. The industry's recent growth has been significant, with an average increase in market size of 5.6% each year since 2017. More Americans are seeing the value in home warranty protection, and more companies are getting in on the action. Today, over 60 home warranty providers compete across the United States.

The surge in competition has fueled innovation among the industry's key players. Traditionally, a home warranty protected the expensive appliances and systems that are standard to most homes: refrigerators, dishwashers, cooking appliances, laundry appliances, and plumbing, electrical, and heating systems. But now more and more providers have expansive offerings, covering niche home equipment and even a variety of home maintenance services. 

Liberty Home Guard has taken the lead in supporting comprehensive warranty plans with additional coverage options. Our 42-and counting-policy add-ons guarantee a custom-fit policy.

The Best Home Warranty Companies: The Reviews Don't Lie

It's important to choose a home warranty company that has a record of exceptional service. Millions of homeowners have shared their home warranty experiences online. And while numerical ratings offer a good frame of reference, authentic customer reviews can help you get a handle on coverage limitations, hidden costs, service quality and response time, and other criteria that should inform your choice in provider.

How do the industry's heavy hitters compare? Across multiple review platforms, Liberty Home Guard consistently outclasses the competition.

Home Warranty Company Ratings on Google (2024)

Home Warranty Company Ratings on Trustpilot (2024)

Home Warranty Company Ratings on Trustpilot

Home Warranty Company Ratings on BBB (2024)

Home Warranty Company Ratings on BBB

Home Warranty Company Ratings on US News & World Report (2024)

Home Warranty Company Ratings on US News & World Report

Emerging Technological Integration

A good warranty company should leverage digital technologies to support its customers and partners. Time is of the essence when home equipment breaks down, and effective service comes from swift response times and timely communication between homeowners, providers, and technicians.

Most of the top-rated home warranty companies in America have adopted technological solutions to support their customers. None have gone as far as Liberty Home Guard.

Our proprietary tech stack includes exclusive customer, technician, and realtor platforms that consolidate essential information, resources, and data in one easy-to-access place. We also invest in machine learning software to continually refine our communication and scheduling and to drive down costs.

The Value of Swift Service

Provider response times are sometimes overlooked by homeowners as they shop for home warranty coverage, but the importance of speedy service is hard to overstate. The very purpose of home warranty coverage is to protect expensive equipment we can't do without. Malfunctioning kitchen appliances can prevent you from making meals at home. Faulty heating systems lead to discomfort-at best-during cold spells. When something breaks down, you need it fixed. And fast.

Less efficient warranty providers can take several days or even weeks to adequately resolve a customer claim. Liberty Home Guard has prioritized the elimination of service inefficiencies since our inception. Our robust nationwide network of home professionals and technicians ensures that there is always someone in your immediate proximity who is qualified to diagnose and resolve the problem with your home appliance or system. We're also one of the few companies that maintains a 24/7 customer support team. And our technological investments make scheduling and communication a breeze. 

Together, these assets enable us to set the high industry bar for response times. We respond to customer claims with 48 hours of receipt. And for our partners, swift service translates to swift payment. If you're in our technician network, you can effortlessly submit your invoice via the technician portal to be promptly paid.

Maintaining Your Home on the Go

We've all got busy lives. Whether you're a hardworking homeowner, technician with a full schedule of service calls, or realtor handling a multi-property portfolio, you need to be able to manage your warranty claims when you're away from your desk. Not every warranty provider can offer that option. Liberty Home Guard can.

Our customer, technician, and realtor portals are fully integrated within our mobile platform. You can submit or follow up on a claim, schedule service, upload an invoice or payment, and much more with nothing but your smartphone. It makes the overall home warranty experience that much simpler.

A Superior Home Warranty

A home warranty removes some of the risk from homeownership, but all warranty providers are not equal in their quality of service. Invest in a Liberty Home Guard warranty and discover why Forbes named us the home warranty company with the best value in America. 


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