Does a Home Warranty Cover Pipe Corrosion Repair?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 12/17/20
Home Warranty Cover Pipe Corrosion Repair

New homeowners are often disappointed to learn of the narrow scope of coverage of most homeowner’s insurance policies. Unless they stem from a specific natural event, major disruptions to the home are not covered by insurance. This has pushed more homeowners to invest in home warranties, which can provide much-needed protection for home equipment that breaks down after years of honest use.

A home warranty can protect your kitchen and laundry appliances. It can provide coverage for your electrical and HVAC systems. But can a home warranty cover plumbing?

With Liberty Home Guard, the answer is yes.

Let’s briefly review home plumbing systems issues and examine how a home warranty can help you stay ahead of them.

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Plumbing Systems and Home Warranties

A home’s plumbing system is more than a complex network of pipes. It’s also comprised of various valves, tanks, fixtures, and drainage and supply lines. The plumbing system is carefully designed to ensure wastewater doesn’t pool in your sink or bathtub. Similarly, plumbing systems are pressurized to keep toxic gases from entering the home through the drains.

A faulty part anywhere in this system can result in a major disaster. A neglected plumbing issue could evolve into a pesky leak or full-on burst pipe. It could promote mold growth, corrode your home’s building materials, or even endanger you and your family.

While the layperson may be able to resolve a leaky faucet, most maintenance and repair requires the training, skill, and tools of a professional plumber. Of course, services from a qualified plumber can be quite costly. A home warranty for pipes and other plumbing components can shield you from that expense.

Pipe Corrosion

Unless your home is outfitted exclusively with PVC or PEX pipes, corrosion is a real concern. Pipes made from iron or steel are susceptible to rust and corrosion—facilitated, of course, by the water, bacteria, and minerals that course through a plumbing system.

Replacing corroded pipes is the homeowner’s only recourse in this situation. Insurance certainly will not cover this kind of home repair. Will a home warranty? Does Home Shield cover broken pipes? Do Amazon’s warranties cover pipes with rust and corrosion? Will Liberty Home Guard replace damaged pipes?

The honest answer is maybe.

Unlike Liberty Home Guard, many home warranty providers don’t provide plumbing support. Of those that do, infrequently will their home warranties cover pipes that have been eaten away by rust.

As long as there’s evidence that the corrosion began after you entered into a service contract, there’s a chance that your warranty provider will cover the replacement of your pipes. But it’s not a sure thing. It’s best to review your contract or contact your provider directly to understand the extent of your coverage in this circumstance.

How to Maintain a Healthy Plumbing System

As always, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Here are some actions you can take to keep pipe corrosion at bay.

  • Limit your water consumption. Water is the biggest contributor to pipe corrosion. Limit your usage, especially of hot water, to extend the life of your pipes.
  • Test your water. Check the oxygen and pH levels of your home’s water. High oxygen content can exacerbate corrosion. Your water’s pH should be between 6.5 and 8.5.
  • Protect your pipes. Add sealant in pipe crevices and joints to keep them airtight and free of bacteria. Stabilize and insulate your pipes to keep them from moving, which can cause premature wear in your joints and fittings.

You may even be able to tap your home warranty to help with some of this preventative maintenance. Reach out to us to learn more about how a home warranty can not only resolve your home plumbing issues, but help you avoid those problems from arising in the first place. Call (833)-544-8273.

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