Plumbing System Home Warranty Coverage

Plumbing System Home Warranty Coverage

No matter how well you practice plumbing maintenance in your home, there is always the chance of issues and problems arising – and at the most inopportune and unexpected time. This can give homeowners great stress with getting it repaired or replaced … as well as the expense.  With a home warranty plan from Liberty Home Guard, plumbing home warranty coverage is included, thus eliminating that stress and worry.

The plumbing system is just as important and integral part of your home as the electrical system, and nobody appreciates and understands that better than we do at LHG. Give us a call at (866) 699-4589 and ask one of our customer service agents about our home warranty plans that will include home plumbing warranty coverage for those unexpected plumbing problems.

LHG Offers an exclusive Warranty Plan For Plumbing

We offer several plan packages and if there isn’t one that fits your needs and within your budget, our customer service team can help you customize one that will fit. Whichever plan you choose, even a customized one, when problems arise, no matter how big or small, call Liberty Home Guard at (866) 699-4589 and we will get you connected to a qualified contractor in our network. They will, in turn, contact you and schedule an appointment to assess the problem and determine the best solution – either repair or replace the part.

The only cost to you is the price of the warranty plan you choose and a small service call fee when the contractor arrives. With LHG’s plumbing system warranty, you won’t be out any major expenses for unclogging drains or toilets, dishwashers or washing machines overflowing,

We receive phone calls and inquiries every day from people who have shopped other home warranty companies. They have several concerns and questions such as “do home warranties cover plumbing?”. For us, this seems like a no-brainer, but surprisingly, there are many home warranty plans on the market that do not include the plumbing system of a home. Just one more way that LHG id different!

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Understanding Plumbing Home Warranty Coverage

Plumbing home warranty coverage, also known as a home service contract, is a type of insurance that protects homeowners against unexpected repair costs related to their plumbing systems. It typically covers components such as pipes, drains, faucets, toilets, water heaters, and sometimes even septic systems. Unlike homeowners insurance, which primarily covers damages resulting from unforeseen events like fires or natural disasters, a home warranty focuses on the wear and tear of systems and appliances due to regular use.

What Does LHG Plumbing Home Warranty Coverage Include

The specific coverage offered by plumbing home warranties can vary depending on the provider and plan selected. However, typical coverage includes:

  1. Water Heaters: Repair or replacement of water heaters in case of malfunctions or failures.

  2. Plumbing Pipes and Drains: Coverage for leaks, clogs, and damage to pipes and drains within the home.

  3. Faucets and Fixtures: Repair or replacement of faucets, showerheads, and other plumbing fixtures due to wear and tear.

  4. Toilets: Coverage for issues such as leaks, clogs, and flushing mechanism malfunctions.

  5. Septic Systems: Some plans may include coverage for septic tanks and related components, though this often requires additional add-on coverage.

  6. Sump Pump: Repair or replacement of sump pumps to prevent basement flooding.

With a Liberty Home Guard warranty plan, the kitchen and laundry appliances are covered, the electrical system and the plumbing system are covered. From the air conditioning, heating, or HVAC to the water heater, garage door opener, garbage disposal, built-in microwave, ranges and, refrigerators are all covered in our plans.  You choose the best plan for you and pay for it up front or we can arrange monthly payments – whichever way suits your budget and needs the best.

And if our established home warranty plans aren’t right for you, our customer service teams will customize a plan that is right and at a price, you can afford. Then the next time you have any problems with the components covered under your plan, just give LHG a call at (866) 699-4589 and request service. It is that simple!

Your built-in bathtub, including whirlpool motor, pump, even air switch assemblies will be covered with a home warranty plan from Liberty Home Guard. The faucets, all the parts of your shower from the arms to the heads including the diverter and valve. Sewage pumps and angle stops, as well as the risers, gate valves, hose bibs, and basket strainers. It can all be covered by an LHG home warranty plan.

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