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How do you know when your air conditioner is broken?

Asked by Joshua Barney
Paul Cody
Paul CodyStaffAnswered on 4-October-2019

A broken air conditioner is the last thing you want in the middle of a hot season. Of course, regular inspections and checkups, buying high-end models, and constant replacements can guarantee a fully working system, but those options take a toll on the family budget.

Instead, let’s talk about some of the common signs that your air conditioner isn’t working correctly.

The Temperature Isn’t Changing

If your unit fails to keep up with your ideal temperature setting, then it may be time to call the contractor. While extreme outdoor temperatures can affect performance, an AC should stay within a few degrees of your setting.

Air Flow Is Weak

Place your hand near an AC vent and check for circulation. Limited airflow is a sign that the compressor may not be functioning properly. Alternatively, debris may be clogging your vents, which can cause health problems.

Moisture Is Leaking

Leaking often causes rusting around the exterior of a unit. Leaks could be the result of refrigerant spilling out, which can cause serious health risks. However, they could also be from a damaged drain tube.

Strange Sounds During Operation

Grinding or high-pitched grating sounds are a telltale sign of an expensive breakdown, and you should call a contractor quickly if you hear anything suspicious. It could mean that a part is loose or a component has rusted.

Best Practice For Preventing Air Conditioner Breakdowns

Is your family worried about an AC unit breakdown at the worst possible time? Then you should find out how to get a home warranty to replace your air conditioner.

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