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How to keep track of home maintenance?

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Erin Easley
Erin EasleyStaffAnswered on 16-July-2020

As every homeowner knows, a house requires constant upkeep. Failing to maintain a home can accelerate wear and tear, detract from a home’s visual appeal, and even endanger the home’s occupants. But for a homeowner focused on work or family, keeping track of the various maintenance tasks, let alone seeing to each one, can be a challenge.

Liberty Home Guard has a wealth of resources to help you. You can review some of the best home maintenance apps to stay on top of things, but the best way to keep track of your responsibilities around the home is to create a home maintenance checklist. A comprehensive checklist keeps you organized and makes it less likely that you will neglect a critical home task.

We recommend organizing your checklist by the frequency with which tasks should be completed. Daily and weekly tasks are the routine things that most of us already do, like wiping down surfaces, cleaning the house, and mowing the lawn.

Monthly tasks can entail thorough dusting, cleaning the windows, checking the smoke alarms, and checking fuel levels. These routine tasks ensure the longevity of things around your home.

Some of the most important tasks are those that should be done seasonally or quarterly. Summer home maintenance, for example, can include servicing the air conditioner and resealing exposed wood. A checklist is especially important for these more infrequent tasks because they tend to be more easily overlooked.

Finally, you should keep a log of maintenance tasks that you don’t personally attend to. When your home is under warranty, technicians can visit your home to perform routine maintenance on systems and appliances. It’s good practice to save the receipts of these service calls so you have a record of when expensive systems and appliances were last checked.

As a provider of home warranty plans, we at Liberty Home Guard want to help you keep your home in its best condition. We regularly update our blog with helpful information.

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