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What is no fault coverage home warranty?

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Paul Cody
Paul CodyStaffAnswered on 24-July-2019

Most homebuyers are familiar with the concept of a home warranty. This type of contract covers any wear and tear damages on home appliances and systems, including washing machines, refrigerators, HVAC units, and other important components of a home.

Home warranties differ from insurance, which mainly covers fires, natural disasters, and other sudden losses. They are also different from manufacturer warranties, which are more limited, don’t last as long, and only cover individual appliances.

Home warranties are an excellent way to add value to a listing if the home ever enters the market for sale. Offering such a contract might encourage a deal to go through. If you’re selling or buying a new property soon, you should understand what a “no-fault” policy entails.

What’s the Gist of No-Fault Coverage?

Whenever a home warranty contract starts, the company conducts a comprehensive inspection of the house to check for any pre-existing conditions. Under certain circumstances, any issues that existed before the home warranty coverage begins may not be eligible for covered repairs.

A no-fault coverage home warranty, also known as unknown pre-existing conditions coverage, is a type of policy that guarantees any pre-existing issues that the inspection doesn’t detect are under coverage. In other words, the warranty will pay for damages that the visual or mechanical testing did not uncover.

Not only that, but any damages that occur after the inspection but before the sale closes will likely be eligible for repair and replacement too. Because issues can happen at the worst times, this type of coverage is ideal for new property sales.

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