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What to do during house inspection?

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Paul CodyStaffAnswered on 18-September-2019

Home inspections typically occur when the homeowner is attempting to sell the property. After a purchase completes, an inspection checks for any current damages before the house officially belongs to its new owner.

Should an issue come up, and the seller doesn’t account for the repair price, the buyer has the option to cancel the transaction. For this reason, you should know how to get ready for a home inspection.

What Do Home Inspections Cover?

Inspections consist of a full sweep of the home. Any problems with the walls, roofing, foundation, HVACelectrical systems, or otherwise should be on the final report. Damages and growths, such as mildew or mold, are also worth noting.

How To Prepare For a Home Inspection

While it may seem daunting at first, a home inspection can go smoothly as long as you prepare well enough. Here are some tips for doing so:


  • Ensure the entire house is accessible. The inspector shouldn’t have to clear away furniture or reach any locked doors while attempting to assess the home.
  • Clean up. Cleaning external moss and debris from gutters, as well as tidying up indoors, goes a long way to forming a positive first impression for the inspector. Also, clear several inches around the outside perimeter of the home, as inspectors often check there.
  • Check on appliances. Make sure all your toilets flush, and the filters on your HVAC system or furnace are clean. Also, check for broken lighting fixtures and attend to them. These details may matter.
  • Have safety devices working. That is, make sure smoke detectors are functioning and fire extinguishers are available.
  • Final preparations. Before the inspection, expect to leave your house early. Leave any keys or garage door openers if required. Have dirty dishes washed and laundry out of the machines. Finally, keep paperwork on the table for any claims.


Dealing with Home Inspection Repairs

Sometimes, home repairs can be costly, but you can save immensely if you have a home warranty. Even if you don’t have coverage already, remember that some services have policies regarding pre-existing conditions in home warranties.

Contact Liberty Home Guard at (866) 495-6462 if you’re in the market for a home warranty with pre-existing conditions.

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