Best Home Warranty With Roof Coverage

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/12/20
Best Home Warranty With Roof Coverage

Do Home Warranties Cover Roof Leaks?

Roof leak coverage is not a standard inclusion with all home warranty companies, usually, it is a hidden plan add-on not disclosed by most home warranty providers. In any climate or state, hot or cold, a roof leak can occur at any time. Whether a leak occurs due to heavy downpours, tree branches, hail, or even time itself, having home warranty roof coverage can make home ownership easy. We immediately source and dispatch a professional to your home when signs of leakage are apparent. Placing a claim is close to effortless, with Liberty Home Guard you are given access to your very own online customer login portal, you can also place a claim via telephone – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on our hotline – 866-699-4589 (833-LHGUARD). Home warranties with roof coverage can save you thousands on inevitable breakdowns. Imagine you are at home on your day off enjoying a cup of hot chocolate on a gloomy, rainy day – only for a roof leak to literally “rain on your parade”. With our roof leak home warranty plan you can protect your investment by being proactive rather than reactive. Liberty Home Guard is here to help you stay dry when your home has a cloud of rain directly over your roof.

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Get To Know The Components On Your Home’s Roof:

  • Deck: The physical wooden structure surface of your roof.
  • Drip edge: Material affixed along the edge of the roof (at a pitch) to prevent rainfall/melting ice to accumulate in turn, alleviating the addition of water weight on your roof.
  • Underlayment: A physical barrier installed under the shingles to keep the deck dry.
  • Flashing: Is a strong tar like substance “painted” on the roof which will seal and protect joints on areas such as; where the roof connects the chimney.
  • Shingles: The outermost (and most common) layer of the roof, which repels water and protects the structural integrity..
  • Soffit: A structural material (usually for venting) connecting an exterior wall to the edge of the roof under the eaves
  • Fascia: The board on the end of the rafters that typically are used to hold the gutters.
  • Vents: Fixed exhaust vents are stationary and are designed to allow air to escape the attic.

Here Are Some Tips To Circumvent Potential Damage

Every day your roof is exposed to a wide array of weather conditions and elements, all of which contribute to the deterioration of your roof over time. The most common problem is a poorly maintained roof. The roof being one of largest protective components of your home, it requires regular inspection, maintenance and repair. With proper maintenance, your roof can last an average of 15 to 30 years.

Why Is Roof Maintenance Important? Let’s Look At Some Of The Reasons Below:


High wind speeds, substantial precipitation, snow, or hail would all be able to negatively affect your rooftop after some time. Examining your rooftop after this sort of weather can keep you in front of any climate related damage.


Consistently removing any leaves that build-up over time, branches, and ultimately debris of any kind can keep most drainage issues from happening. Cleaning up any semblance of moss or greenage is additionally an efficient and effective method of maintaining the integral functionality of your roof, in turn extending the longevity of the roof’s life span.


Warped, broken, or missing shingles are altogether signs that your rooftop will need a fix or two. Annual or biannual routine maintenance, or after severe weather conditions will keep you in the loop of any present or potential issues.

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