The 10 Top CRM for Real Estate Agents

Ellie Brooks

Written By Ellie Brooks

Published 01/09/23
Top CRM for Real Estate Agents

What is a CRM in real estate?

A CRM in real estate is a Customer Relationship Management system, which is used to help manage and increase relationships between real estate agents and their clients. It is used to store and track customer information and interactions, providing agents with a comprehensive view of their clients and their activities.

The CRM is designed to streamline agents’ workflow and ensure that they are providing the best possible level of customer service. It can be used to store contact information, track leads and sales activities, manage customer inquiries, and record interactions with clients. It can also be used to create automated marketing campaigns, such as sending emails or text messages to prospects. Additionally, it can be used to track customer feedback and analyze customer data to draw insights and develop more effective strategies.

How does a CRM help real estate agents?

1. Customer information, such as contact details, customer preferences and past purchases. This information is stored in a central database, making it easier for agents and brokers to keep track of customer data and interactions. With this data, agents and brokers can tailor their services to meet the needs of each customer and be more responsive to their inquiries.

2. Stay organized by automating customer service tasks. Tasks such as sending emails, scheduling appointments, and providing online support. This automation helps agents and brokers save time and money, allowing them to focus on more important tasks such as closing sales.

3. Build better customer relationships. With a CRM, agents and brokers can keep track of customer conversations, send personalized messages, and stay in touch with customers more frequently. This helps to build customer loyalty and trust, which is essential for making sales in the real estate industry.

4. Track their progress over time. By tracking customer interactions, agents and brokers can identify successful strategies and adjust their services accordingly. This allows agents and brokers to refine their customer service strategies and maximize their sales.

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The 10 Best Real Estate CRMs to Help You Close More Sales

1. Zillow Premier Agent CRM

A comprehensive CRM platform specifically designed for real estate agents. This platform is designed to help agents manage their contacts and build relationships with potential buyers and sellers. Zillow Premier Agent CRM provides all the necessary tools for agents to easily capture and store data about their clients, such as contact information, emails, and notes about interactions. Agents can also create custom tasks and reminders for themselves, as well as use automated email campaigns to stay in touch with their clients.

In addition to the CRM platform, Zillow Premier Agent CRM also offers a suite of marketing tools, including a website builder, lead-capture forms, and email marketing capabilities. The website builder allows agents to create and customize their own website with customizable templates. Agents can then use their website to capture leads and capture contact information of potential buyers and sellers. Zillow Premier Agent CRM also offers a lead-capture tool that allows agents to create forms and easily collect contact information from buyers and sellers. Additionally, the platform enables agents to create and send automated email campaigns that are tailored to each of their clients’ needs.

2. Salesmate

An all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM) software built specifically for real estate agents. It helps real estate agents to manage leads, contacts, deals, tasks, and other related data. Salesmate provides a streamlined approach for agents to easily stay organized and connected with clients, streamline their sales process, and close more deals.

Salesmate’s CRM software is designed with an intuitive interface and powerful features to help real estate agents manage their business more efficiently. It allows agents to store and access all the information related to their clients and prospects in one centralized location. They can quickly and easily track leads, contacts, deals, tasks, and other related data. Salesmate also provides a range of powerful tools for agents to better manage their sales cycle, including a pipeline view to track progress, a task management system, and customizable reports and dashboards.

In addition to this, Salesmate provides a range of features to help agents stay connected with their clients. Agents can easily send automated emails, text messages, and phone calls to keep in touch with their clients. They can also set up automated workflows to make their routine tasks run smoothly without extra effort.

3. Fireberry

Fireberry provides real estate agents with an array of tools to streamline their workflow and manage their workload. Agents can also use Fireberry to store and share documents, track leads, and monitor their performance.

Fireberry’s real estate tools are designed to help agents better connect with their clients and build relationships. Agents can use the platform to categorize and organize their leads, send automated emails and SMS messages to their leads, and access detailed analytics on their performance. Additionally, Fireberry offers a range of features that make it easier for agents to stay on top of their listings and their clients, including an activity feed, task management, and notifications.

4. Wise Agent

An industry-leading customer relationship management software for real estate agents. Wise Agent provides agents with powerful tools to manage their contacts, build relationships, automate marketing, and track their business performance.

The software features a centralized database to store all of an agent’s contacts, including clients, vendors, and referral partners. It also allows agents to easily segment their contacts into groups and track their progress in various activities. Agents can also take advantage of automated drip campaigns, which are designed to nurture relationships with contacts over time.

Wise Agent also provides agents with a variety of business tools, such as a task manager and pipeline tracker. The task manager allows agents to plan their day, prioritize goals, and track progress. The pipeline tracker helps agents stay organized by tracking all the steps in the process of closing a deal.

5. Real Geeks

It provides agents with powerful tools to manage their contacts, build relationships, automate marketing, and track their business performance.

Real Geeks offers a variety of features to help agents succeed; including a website builder, lead capture forms, automated email campaigns, and a CRM. The website builder allows agents to create a professional website in minutes - with no coding required. The lead capture forms allow agents to capture leads from their website, social media, and other sources. The automated email campaigns allow agents to send personalized emails to their leads, helping to nurture relationships and convert leads into clients. The CRM helps agents manage their contacts, track their activities, and stay organized.

Real Geeks also offers a variety of marketing services, such as SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. These services help agents reach more potential clients and increase their visibility online. Additionally, Real Geeks provides agents with access to a library of resources, such as webinars, ebooks, and videos, to help them stay up-to-date on the latest trends in the real estate industry.

6. Buildout CRM

The Buildout CRM platform is designed specifically for real estate agents. It helps agents manage their contacts, leads, and transactions in one place. It also provides tools to help agents market their services, track their performance, and collaborate with their team.

Buildout CRM also provides tools to help agents stay on top of their leads and transactions. It provides automated lead tracking and follow-up, as well as automated transaction tracking and follow-up. It also provides tools to help agents create and manage their listings, as well as tools to help agents track their performance.

7. RealtyJuggler

This is an online tool created to help real estate agents manage their day to day business activities. It is an easy to use and intuitive system that helps real estate agents reach new heights in their workflow. With RealtyJuggler, agents can easily organize databases and set appointments for clients. The system also enables users to be able to send invoices and reminders, track deadlines, and interface with other industry services, such as appraisal and title companies.

RealtyJuggler enables agents to create custom databases to store details about prospective buyers, vendors, and other agents. The information is then easily accessed through their online system. Agents can also set up appointment calendars, store contact information and even manage payment systems. RealtyJuggler also provides mapping tools so agents can visually track open houses and properties for sale.

8. Follow Up Boss

A powerful online tool designed to help real estate agents manage their contacts and stay organized. This unique tool provides agents with the ability to quickly and easily store, manage and share client contact information, as well as track lead sources and manage conversations.

With Follow Up Boss, agents can connect their pipeline and integrate with multiple marketing systems. For example, they can connect the property management software, their email accounts and social media. Follow Up Boss also provides helpful reminders and notifications to ensure that agents stay on top of their contacts and tasks.

With the Follow Up Boss dashboard, agents can easily create tasks, organize contacts in groups and develop sequences. This helps them quickly follow up with clients and stay on top of their leads. This helps them stay organized in the follow up process.

9. Liondesk

Liondesk is designed to help agents streamline their business, increase their productivity, and maximize their client reach.

When agents sign up to Liondesk, they gain access to a suite of features that allow them to build deeper relationships with customers. One of Liondesk’s most unique features is its ability to centralize customer data from multiple sources. Agents can quickly search for and access important customer information from any device, helping them make quicker and smarter decisions. Liondesk also comes with an intuitive dashboard offering actionable insights about customers and leads, including when to follow up with them.

Besides lead management, Liondesk provides other important features such as contact tracking, automated email campaigns, and real-time notifications of important activities. Agents can also use the platform to store detailed records of customer history, automatically schedule follow-up tasks, and manage custom reports.

Liondesk is also an affordable solution, with plans starting at just $49 per month, so agents can start using the software without breaking their budget.

10. Propertybase

Cloud-based real estate platform Propertybase is designed to help real estate agents to efficiently manage and develop their business. It is an all-in-one platform for agents, brokers, and teams with marketing automation and customer relationship management, as well as closed-loop reporting and analytics.

Propertybase gives agents a powerful way to create, manage and nurture leads, as well as track their performance and gain insights into their business processes. Agents can use the CRM system to track and analyze customer interactions and create campaigns and personalized messages to nurture prospective and existing customers. The reporting and analytic features enable them to gain visibility into their sales progress, including which sources bring the most leads and revenue.

Agents can also create and customize presentations and digital brochures to send to customers, and send automated notifications when customers reach certain milestones. Additionally, the platform includes automated listing feeds, feature searches, lead capture forms and marketing tools to create both email and social media campaigns.

How much does a real estate CRM cost?

The cost of a real estate CRM can vary significantly depending on the needs of the business and the features included in the product. For example, a basic CRM can cost anywhere from $49 per month for agents and teams, and up to $999 for larger brokerages. The lowest tier package does not offer some of the more advanced features, but each tier does offer more features.

Other popular CRMs like FollowUp Boss offer different pricing schemes, such as per user per month or an annual flat fee. Their price plans range from $19 per user per month to $199 per user per month, with discounts available with annual payment.

The cost of a real estate CRM can vary dramatically depending on the features you need and the number of users you have. Most CRMs offer different pricing plans, so it’s important to review each one and determine which best fits the budget and needs of your business.

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