Top Reasons Why It’s Important To Repair Your Garage Door

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/12/20
Repair Your Garage Door

Why would you want a garage door opener home warranty coverage? It is estimated that over a year time, the average American homeowner opens and closes the garage door 1,500 times. With that much usage, the wear and tear that can create should be reason enough, right? When you think about that number, 1,500 in 12 months, it makes sense as to why industry experts recommend periodic maintenance checks anyway.

Unfortunately, it is that 1,302nd time of the garage door closing, and it quits midway, that most of us realize the importance of having that periodic maintenance check. So, what are the garage door warning signs that you should be aware of before it comes to that point? And, if you fail to have that recommended maintenance check, how can you tell if repair your garage door is necessary?

Will there be a loud snap – possibility that spring has broken? Will the motor start to emit smoke before it dies? What sounds are good and what sounds are an indication that something is wrong like the track is straining? For most homeowners, they won’t realize there is a problem building up until the garage door doesn’t open, or close, all the way, or maybe not at all. Or if they notice a ‘funny’ noise or notice the garage door is slow opening or slow closing, or even stops temporarily, they will put off calling a professional garage door service. And then when they do, it is usually too late, meaning a new door is required.

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Garage Door Repairs Can Be Complicated and Tricky

We want the conveniences of our homes to be reliable and safe, and that should include the garage door. Not only is your garage door a feature to your home’s facade, it an area that you’ll use more than you realize – until you can’t get in there, or worse, out of it!

From aluminum doors to wooden doors, repairing a garage door can be tricky. No matter if it is the automatic garage door and the garage door opener stuck, won’t open or close the door, or it is manually opened and is sagging, some experts repair them, and having it included in your home warranty is always a bonus.

While it may seem like anyone can find out how to fix a sagging garage door, to the untrained eye, there are many minuscule parts interwoven tightly within an automatic garage door. If you don’t know these parts and how they function, you can cause more problems, which will cost you more money, or you could be injured.  However, if you’re any type of handy person, repairing wood garage doors is most likely a feasible task with the right tools and assistance.

When Do You Know Your Garage Door Needs Repairing?

Over time, not only is there wear and tear to a garage door, but the metal can become corroded, the grease within the mechanisms becomes old, and overall, the parts begin to age. Some indications that you need to call a professional to examine your garage door would be any of the following:

  • Door won’t open or close
  • Unusual noises as it closes and opens
  • Door jumps off the tracks
  • Door is slow to respond
  • Door is out of balance

These are the indicators that you need to call a professional garage door repair company. They will have the experience and knowledge of working on garage doors, automatic or manual, and they will have the equipment, supplies, and tools needed for the job safely.

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