Garage Door Openers Warranty Coverage

Garage Door Openers Warranty Coverage

Nothing can be more convenient when it’s raining, and your arms are full than an automatic garage door opener. And nothing can be more inconvenient than one that doesn’t work! Which is why having a Home Warranty plan from Liberty Home Guard with garage door warranty coverage is a must for every homeowner!

You have a garage door opener installed for convenience and ease, so when the device malfunctions, or completely breaks down, it can be aggravating and frustrating, just like when any appliance or system in your home breaks down. Most of us are not prepared financially for the cost of garage door repair service calls either, because this isn’t something you have budgeted every month.  The cost of that can start at $100 or more just for a service technician to examine the problem.

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A Low Price for A Major Convenience

Liberty Home Guard offers several plans that include home garage door opener warranty coverage at the lowest prices industry wide. Shop other companies then call LHG at (866)-699-4589 to get a comparison. You’ll find that we offer the best level of service at an affordable price that will include a garage door opener protection plan that will keep your garage door working.

When you have an automatic garage door opener, you shouldn’t ever have to open the door manually, but they rarely will malfunction that requires you to just that. With Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty plan with garage door opener coverage included, you can call us at (866)-699-4589 when that happens, and our customer service team will have a qualified service technician in touch with you promptly.

Why Does Home Warranty Cover Garage Doors?

Your garage door opener is just as important as the other appliances and systems within your home and Liberty Home Guard appreciates the convenience those things offer a homeowner. Because there are a variety of issues that can cause malfunctioning for a garage door opener, we believe it should be covered like the refrigerator, washing machine, clothes dryer, etc.

Anything can go wrong with them unexpectedly, like a bad component within the opener that keeps the lights from blinking or a spring break or get stuck, keeping the door from lowering or raising. You may go years without any issues from your garage door opener, then it becomes stuck half-open/closed for no apparent reason.  With Liberty Home Guard, you will have a garage door opener protection plan included at a low price and top-rated service.

With LHG garage door warranty coverage included in any of our plans, you will have that peace of mind every homeowner deserves, knowing that with just one phone call to (866)-699-4589, you will have a service technician contact you promptly and schedule an appointment. Upon examination of the problem, they will repair it or replace it and your only out-of-pocket expense will be the cost of the plan and a basic service call fee.

What Does Home Warranty Cover Garage Door Coverage Include?  

We offer several different pre-designed Home Warranty plans at Liberty Home Guard. Call our customer service team at (866)-699-4589 and they will be glad to explain the features and exceptions to you. If none of our pre-designed plans fit your needs or budget, they will gladly work with you to customize one that will.

Our garage door coverage will include any repairs or replacement for most of the components, up to a certain amount, which is defined in each policy. The details will be reviewed with you when you call the LHG customer service at (866)-699-4589. Don’t wait another day for your garage to door to have a chance of malfunctioning. Call us today for a quote and get your protection started right away.

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