What Does a Garage Door Replacement Cost?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/11/20
What Does a Garage Door Replacement Cost

A garage door protects not only your car from theft, vandalism, and inclement weather, but also any belongings you keep nearby, such as power tools, gardening supplies, your spare set of tires, and more. 

A solid garage door also improves the look of your home if you ever plan to put it on the market. If you think your garage door is damaged or worn, it should be a priority to replace it before minor wear and tear cascades into costly long-term damage.

You have many options regarding complete garage door replacement, though you may be wondering, “How much does it cost to replace a garage door?” 

Read on to learn more about the pricing regarding this essential element of your home and how long new installations typically take.

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How Much Does a Typical Garage Door Replacement Cost?

Pricing can vary wildly, depending on the homeowner. Many factors play a role in the price of a new door, including:

  • Cost of removing the old door. You may even remove two doors for a two-car garage.
  • Installation of new components and materials, such as vinyl, fiberglass, and wood.
  • Service fees from the contractor, which often include labor and special requests.
  • Type of motor, including belt-driven, chain-driven, and direct drive.
  • Opening orientation. Does it open by swinging out or sliding up, for example?
  • Brand of the door. Popular manufacturers include Chamberlain and Liftmaster.
  • Special features. You might want glass panels or arched openings.
  • Location of the home, as more expensive neighborhoods, call for higher prices.

But you probably came to this article looking for a straight figure. An average garage door replacement cost ranges from $500 to $1,600, with projects involving garage overhauls usually leaning toward the higher end of that spectrum. It’s worth noting that the national average is $1,020.

Can I Do It Myself?

You’ve probably seen YouTube tutorials out there telling you how easy it is to install your own garage door. Keep in mind, though, that the process is somewhat risky and time-consuming.

You can expect to spend an entire day handling materials, aligning tracks, and working through tough processes. We don’t recommend doing it yourself unless it’s a minor repair.

Get a Professional For Installation and Repair

Hiring a licensed contractor is your best option for a hassle-free garage door replacement, even with the extra service fee. The process can happen within a few hours. You’ll also have more options too, such as added support, steel components, or internal lighting.

And the best way to get a contractor is through a garage door home warranty. Instead of paying the average price of a new garage door, which can stretch up into the thousands, you can spread the cost into convenient monthly payments with an appliance warranty.

A home warranty also makes budgeting more straightforward, as the costs of parts, labor, installation, and servicing are all the responsibility of the warranty provider. Plus, homeowners can also add on a garage door opener warranty since the opener can be surprisingly expensive, averaging around $200 to $300.

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