Built-in Microwave Warranty Coverage

Built-in Microwave Warranty Coverage

With Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty plans, built-in microwave coverage is included
too! We will provide coverage for the clock, door glass, interior lining, and Shelves. If you experience breakage or malfunction with your built-in microwave, simply give us a call at (866)-699-4589 and we will have a technician contact you immediately. The unit will be repaired or replaced as determined by a qualified service technician.

LHG has been providing top-rated coverage and customer service all over the country for years. We have built a name of reliability and trust and we work hard to maintain that image. With a network of qualified service technicians, we are keeping homeowners comfortable in their homes. And this is why we include built-in microwave warranty plans as well as many other customized plans.

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Affordable Plans Of All Sizes

Liberty Home Guard offers a wide selection of Home Warranty plans, more than other companies in this industry, and at prices that are affordable for every homeowner. Once you have chosen and paid for a plan, your coverage starts immediately. We offer monthly payments or pay up front, you decide. If any of our pre-designed plans do not fit your need or budget, our customer service team will customize one that does. Your satisfaction is our goal and our success.


What Does Our Built-in Microwave Protection Plan Offer?

When you buy a Home Warranty plan from Liberty Home Guard, your home built-in microwave warranty coverage will include the clock, door glass, interior lining, shelves and more. Our customer service team will review each plan’s advantages with you when you all us at (866)-699-4589. Our service technicians will correct code violation as necessary, whether it is repairing your built-in microwave or replacing it within the limits set with your Home Warranty plan.

If your built-in microwave fails to due improper install, your plan will cover that repair. If your built-in microwave needs to be replaced, the old unit will be removed at no additional charge. If a repair requires any modification of the ductwork or electrical components, it will be covered by your LHG Home Warranty plan as stated within the contract.


Built-in Microwave Coverage Is A Must Today

Today there are very few homes that do not have a microwave, and most of those are built-in units. We don’t always realize how necessary they are until they breakdown or malfunction.  The built-in microwave style has become more popular over the years because it frees up counter space. But not all Home Warranty companies offer coverage for them, which is why Liberty Home Guard has added built-in microwave warranty plans to our list of plans offered.

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