Washing Machine Home Warranty Coverage

Washing Machine Home Warranty Coverage

Liberty Home Guard has more choices in Home Warranty plans that are affordable that reduces a homeowner’s risk of having unexpected expenses.  Like those that come with kitchen or laundry appliance failures, and electrical or plumbing failures that lead to expensive repairs or even more expensive replacements. LHG is an industry leader when it comes to Home Warranty plans and the service to support them.

Not All Home Warranty Plans Are Alike

With a Home Warranty plan from LHG, washer machine coverage is included unless you request a customized plan that doesn’t. Our plans are based on years of research what appliances and systems are common to fail in a home, and this includes the clothes washer and clothes dryer.

However, some homeowners that don’t have these appliances and having washing machine home warranty coverage is not necessary. Call Liberty Home Guard at (866)-225-7958 and our customer service team will be happy to customize a plan for you that is still affordable and a value-add to homeownership that you don’t want to be without.

With Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty plans, your Protection Plans will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your clothes washers warranty from the manufacturer will come first. As that warranty expires, our clothes washers Home Warranty will take over from there. As long as the failure is from normal use and not from abuse or lack of washing machine maintenance, your only out-of-pocket expense after purchasing the plan will be a basic service call fee.

Why Select A LHG Plan That Includes Washing Machine Home Warranty?

Today, most homes have washing machines and clothes dryers. They provide a homeowner freedom and saves us time with the busy schedules we have now. We sort our clothes according to color, style, and weight then put a load in the washing machine with detergent and go on about our day.

Imagine if that convenience was gone without any warning. You would have to load up your dirty laundry, detergent, fabric softener, and other laundry products and take them to a laundromat. And there you would have to sit and wait on the washer to complete its cycle then take the items home to dry. Think about how much time this would all take from your day!

With a Liberty Home Guard washing machine Home Warranty coverage, you could avoid that inconvenience by calling (866)-225-7958 and requesting a service call. If your plan includes washer machine coverage, the technician assigned to your request will examine the machine and determine if it is repairable or needs replacing. And all this will cost you after paying for the Home Warranty plan you select is a small service call fee, usually around $75.00.

What Is Covered By A LHG Clothes Washers Home Warranty?

LHG realizes that a washing machine and clothes dryer can operate for years without any problem. We also realize that they can break down unexpectedly. That is why we offer a warranty plan that will cover repairs or replacement of your washing machine unit.

Our washer machine coverage within our Home Warranty plans include the following:

  • Water Level Switch and Water Inlet Valve
  • Water Temperature Switch and Lid Switch
  • Brakes and Clutch Assembly
  • Timer, Sequencer, Control Board, Touchpad
  • Actuator, Drive Basket, Motor and Power Supply
  • Agitator and Pump Coupling
  • Electrical Parts, Gas Parts, and more

Call our the Liberty Home Guard customer service team at (866)-225-7958 to get more details on what is covered and what is excluded with any of our washing machine Home Warranty plans.

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