Condo Home Warranty: Do You Really Need One?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/22/20
Condo Home Warranty

Many buyers in the housing market want the independence and feeling of ownership that a house provides but don’t want the high cost and maintenance. They usually turn to condos, which are somewhat of a hybrid between a home and an apartment in that sense.

Want to experience the joys of homeownership without purchasing a large house? Condos are a great option for many aspiring independents, but do you know how you will provide insurance coverage for your property?

Home warranties on condos are your solution. An advantage of a condo or townhouse over a residential property is the convenience of being near the city. Let that convenience carry over to your condo warranty insurance as well.

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Do Home Warranties Cover Condos?

Nothing’s worse for a condo owner than a heating system failing in the middle of winter or a refrigerator that refuses to turn on again.

Like homes, condos can suffer from appliance and system failures. Paying for repairs out of your pocket can be an expensive hassle, but the home warranty cost for a condo is a lot more convenient to deal with.

Why Is It a Good Idea?

You own the condo, whereas an apartment owner is merely renting his property. For this reason, it’s your responsibility to maintain your equipment.

A regular, consistent fee makes keeping track of your finances easier than one high replacement cost. Plus, the warranty company dispatches a pre-approved contractor to handle the works for you.

While you may have to take on a copayment for each session with a contractor, the ultimate cost will be considerably lower in the end. Of course, don’t forget to continue maintaining your condo by cleaning out HVAC filters and vacuuming your fridge coils.

A home warranty, above all, gives you peace of mind that all your appliances and systems will remain operational throughout the year and that a professional is at the ready to provide repairs and replacement work.

How Does a Home Warranty for a Townhouse Differ from Insurance?

There are many options you have for protecting your condo’s appliances and systems. The differences are important to know as a condo owner.

  • A home warranty covers any type of wear and tear damage, as well as the breakdowns that occur as a result. Home warranty vendors usually assume that you take steps to maintain your equipment before agreeing to cover it.
  • A home insurance policy mainly covers events that might happen. Fires, theft, or flooding are all examples of incidents that home insurance will cover.
  • manufacturer’s warranty is the most limited of these options. Appliance manufacturers give these to customers upon purchase of a new device, and the coverage usually lasts no more than a year.

Keep in mind that these options are not mutually exclusive; many condo owners take advantage of multiple policies at once.

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