What You Need to Know About Kenmore Appliance Warranties

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 11/01/21
Kenmore Appliance Warranties

Kenmore has been a household name for over one hundred years. As of 2021, Kenmore products include a suite of kitchen appliances, grills, washers and dryers, electronics, and equipment for air and water treatment.

For many years, Kenmore appliances were available only through Sears. Since Sears filed for bankruptcy in 2018, many homeowners who had purchased Kenmore appliances have wondered if the brand would continue to honor the warranties on their products.

If you own one or more Kenmore appliances, read on for up-to-date information on Kenmore appliance warranty coverage.

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Kenmore Manufacturer Warranty Information

Like any major appliance brand, Kenmore backs their products with limited warranty coverage. Sears continues to honor Kenmore warranties even amid the company’s restructuring, but this could change in the future.

Generally, Kenmore’s warranty covers defective parts and poor workmanship. It will not cover misuse or abuse, incorrect installation, or damage sustained from fire, flood, or other disaster. This is all standard insofar as manufacturers’ warranties go.

The Kenmore warranty length varies from product to product. Often, a specific product component will have coverage that extends beyond the coverage for the entire appliance. 

It’s always best to refer to your product’s documentation for a detailed explanation of your coverage, but below is some appliance-specific warranty information that you can use as a general guide.

Note that the information below applies to appliances used in residential applications. Appliances used for commercial purposes are warrantied for only 90 days.

  • Kenmore Refrigerator Warranty. A Kenmore refrigerator warranty length is one year. This applies to freezers as well. The company will repair, free of charge, any appliance it deems defective. If the appliance cannot be repaired, Kenmore will replace it at no cost to you. If you purchased your Kenmore fridge or freezer on or after February 4, 2018, the brand also provides lifetime warranty coverage on all storage bins. Kenmore Elite and Kenmore PRO refrigerators have extended coverage. These high end appliances have a five-year warranty on the sealed refrigerant system and a ten-year warranty on the linear compressor. This extended protection covers parts but not labor beyond the first year.

  • Kenmore Washer Warranty. Kenmore also provides a one-year warranty on all washing machines and dryers. The conditions are the same as those for Kenmore refrigerators and freezers. There is, however, lifetime coverage for select parts. For appliances purchased on or after February 4, 2018, Kenmore provides lifetime coverage for drive motors in washing machines and drums and baffles in dryers. Note that this coverage includes free installation for only one year. If these components fail after the first year of use, Kenmore will provide the replacement parts free of charge, but the customer is responsible for the installation.

  • Kenmore Water Heater Warranty. All Kenmore water heaters have a one-year warranty that covers all parts and labor. There is also extended coverage on specific components, but the length varies by model. Tank leaks are covered for six, nine, or twelve years from the date of purchase. The same is true for individual water heater components, though only parts—not labor—are free of charge after the first year. For Kenmore Elite water heaters, this extended coverage lasts for ten years.

  • Kenmore HVAC Warranty. Kenmore produces a range of appliances for indoor climate control. As a rule of thumb, all appliances have a one-year warranty that covers defects in materials or workmanship. Select products may have extended coverage. Room air conditioners, for example, have five years of coverage on the sealed refrigerant system. 

  • Kenmore Garbage Disposal Warranty. Smaller Kenmore appliances, such as garbage disposals, blenders, food processors, coffee makers, and toasters, usually have warranties that last for two years. Select models may have more or less coverage, so be sure to check your appliance’s documentation. Note that this coverage does not apply to parts that are expendable or designed to wear out, such as filters and light bulbs.

Extended Appliance Warranty Coverage

Once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, homeowners have a few options when it comes to appliance repair. 

  • You can set aside savings to pay for repairs or a new appliance when something unexpectedly breaks down. 

  • You can purchase Kenmore extended warranty plans through Sears.

  • You can purchase broader home appliance warranty coverage through a third-party provider.

Buying extended coverage through Sears may be a bit of a gamble. Sears continues to honor Kenmore warranties, but the company is in the midst of significant change. There may come a time when the business is financially incapable of repairing or replacing your appliance.

A broader home warranty may be the wiser option. Home warranty plans through Liberty Home Guard can consolidate protection for all your home appliances and systems, regardless of the manufacturer.

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