Home Warranty Questions & AnswersWhat is the best home warranty program?

What is the best home warranty program?

Asked by Mikaela Rowe
Erin Easley
Erin EasleyStaffAnswered on 16-July-2020

There is no one best home warranty program. The ideal home warranty is an affordable plan from a reputable provider that suits your specific needs.

As you shop for home warranty plan, there are some considerations to keep in mind. First is your relation to the home itself. Are you a homeowner looking for a warranty on your own home? Are you a recent buyer, or are you planning to sell your home in the near future? Are you a real estate agent looking for warranties to protect the properties you represent? There are unique plans designed for these specific circumstances.

Another thing to consider is the age of the home and the appliances. A home constructed within the last ten years may already be covered by a warranty. Similarly, new appliances may be protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. In these cases, it may be premature to purchase certain kinds of home warranty coverage.

You should also think about the extent of coverage your home requires. For some people, a plan such as Liberty Home Guard’s System Guard may make the most sense. This protects a home’s plumbing, electrical system, heating and air conditioning systems, ductwork, and water heater. For others, our Appliance Guard plan may be best so you can protect your major appliances. If you require coverage for all the above, there is our Total Home Guard plan, with optional add-ons as necessary.

Home warranty program cost is a consideration as well, but don’t necessarily choose the least expensive plan available. A cheap home warranty may not provide the coverage you need.

Given all of these factors, it’s helpful to talk through your options with a professional. Reach out to us through our website, or contact us at (866)-526-1752 for help in finding your ideal home warranty plan.

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