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What is a home warranty in real estate?

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Erin EasleyStaffAnswered on 16-July-2020

In general terms, a home warranty is an agreement between a warranty provider and client that protects home systems and appliances. There are many different kinds of home warranties, however, and some plans are tailored for specific stakeholders.

Often, buyers moving into a new home will purchase a home warranty plan for themselves. You may see this referred to as a home buyer’s warranty. It can apply to new construction or an existing structure. In other circumstances, a party looking to sell a home may purchase a home seller’s warranty to appeal to buyers and increase the likelihood of a swift sale.

Sometimes neither the buyer nor seller is involved in purchasing the home warranty. There are realtor home warranty programs that allow realtors to purchase warranty plans to cover the appliances and systems in homes they are representing.

Warranties are of primary benefit to the occupants of a home, but real estate home warranty plans can be of tremendous use for realtors. For one thing, a real estate home warranty plan can make a home more attractive to buyers. If prospective buyers have some assurance that appliances and systems can be repaired or replaced as needed at no cost to them, they are much more likely to commit to a purchase.

Home warranties can also save realtors time. If something in the house requires servicing, the new occupants can interact directly with the warranty provider, saving the realtor some trouble. Home warranties can even help realtors build their business. Warranties raise home values and increase the likelihood of referrals.

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