What is a Real Estate Agent’s Home Warranty?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 03/16/20
Real Estate Agent’s Home Warranty

Why a Listing Agent Should Buy a Home Warranty

Sellers can rest easy knowing that their major appliances will be fully covered during the listing period. A study by the Service Industry Council found that properties that come with a home warranty typically sell for $2,300 more and 11 days faster than homes without a warranty.

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A home warranty for real estate agents can also attract a specific type of audience: first-time buyers. They’re more likely to buy a home that includes a sellers home warranty, since they have less experience and don’t want to worry about these expenses, especially after just buying their new home. Real estate warranty plans give buyers the peace of mind they deserve so they can focus on the more important things that come along with the purchase of a new home. First-time buyers haven’t yet experienced the large appliance repairs that come along with owning a home and are looking for any safety net they can get. A Liberty Home Guard may keep those first time buyers from feeling as if the responsibility of owning a home is too much for them.

How Can a Home Warranty Plan Boost My Business

Whether you are ready to advertise a listing for the first time or you have a home that is taking longer than usual to sell, a home warranty can be a contributing factor to help sway the mind of an undecided buyer. With Liberty Home Guard it is very easy for you as the listing or seller agent to purchase and transfer the home warranty into the buyer’s name. As a listing or seller agent, buying a home warranty for your client can result in the following:

  • Happier sellers whose home’s are very appealing to buyers with an included warranty
  • Higher earnings for you when the home eventually sells for more as a result
  • Peace of mind for both the buyer and seller
  • More referrals from satisfied buyers who have utilized the service

Clients remember and appreciate gestures that show you truly care about them now and especially once the closing documents are signed and finalized. More often we find that home warranty plans have become something that listing and selling agents alike, have begun purchasing more and more for many different reasons.

When is the Right Time to Purchase the Home Warranty Protection Plan?

Home warranties can be purchased at any point and time, typically the best deals are usually offered to real estate agents and homeowners who are purchasing their home for coverage to start at the time of closing to ensure the policy is effective for the buyers. Whether you decide to go with us here at Liberty Home Guard or not we recommend that you do your research on both the warranties coverage as well as the company. It is important that the company has an outstanding reputation and to make sure you are getting coverage for your specific needs.

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