Oven, Range & Cooktop Home Warranty

Oven, Range & Cooktop Home Warranty

You spend a lot of time and money making your home fit your needs. Whether it’s through renovations, new appliances, and other personal details.

But let’s face it. Appliances today aren’t built like they used to be. Manufacturers purposely design them to break.

Many of the appliances you rely on everyday—like your stove and refrigerator—cost thousands each. And don’t expect a standard manufacturer’s warranty to protect you.

You need your stove to cook meals every night. Something as basic as your stove failing can cause a lot of disruption in your life.

That’s why you should invest in a reliable home warranty plan that provides you with the cooktop protection plan you need to get your stove repaired and replaced as quickly as possible.

Liberty Home Guard offers a variety of cooktop protection plans and warranties that will protect you from unpredictable appliance failures.

What Does a Liberty Home Guard Home Warranty Plan Include?

Your appliances are eligible for repair and replacement through your Liberty Home Guard warranty plan. This contract differs from regular home insurance, which mostly covers your home in the event of floods, earthquakes, tornados, and other major accidents.

Home warranties are a far more cost-effective way of paying for appliance repairs. Say goodbye to large, one-time fluctuations in your budget that you can’t always predict.

An oven and cooktop warranty will keep you safe from unexpected stove and oven failures without requiring thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. You can’t beat the peace of mind this provides.

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Why Do I Need a Cooktop Protection Plan?

Warranties are heavily advised for cooktops because of how important they are to your daily routine. 

Even if you find a service worker, they may not have the immediate availability to get you up and running again. 

Without a working stove, your family may have to rely on frozen leftovers, expensive restaurant food, or flavorless TV dinners for several days.

Home oven warranty coverage often goes beyond what your stove manufacturer’s warranty is willing to cover. 

The latter generally has a much shorter duration and doesn’t apply to wear and tear damage. These warranties can only guarantee that the product you receive works when you take it out of the box, not necessarily several years down the line.

That lack of coverage can leave you stranded when you need help the most. That’s exactly why we designed our oven and cooktop warranty.

Simply living without cooktop home warranty coverage isn’t a good idea either, as you would have to pay the full price of repairs and replacement out of pocket. Expenses can quickly surpass $200 for professional repairs, and that cost doesn’t even include labor and parts.

And replacing your stove? That can cost thousands.

Appliances today are built to break, so you can expect to use your oven’s home warranty at some point. No matter the price or brand, almost every cooktop must be repaired or replaced eventually. 

A home warranty will keep your out of pocket expenses to a minimum and provide you with access to our vetted repair technicians. Whether we can fix it or not, you’ll never be without a stove with us.

Ensuring Uninterrupted Performance

Our coverage solutions are designed not only to protect but also to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your kitchen appliances.

Preventive Maintenance Tips

  • Regular Cleaning: Essential for maintaining efficiency and preventing common issues.
  • Professional Inspection: Recommended annually to identify and address potential problems before they escalate.

Why Should I Choose Liberty Home Guard?

Liberty Home Guard provides you with the peace of mind that every appliance and system in your home is under protection. Have an issue with your heating or need a refrigerator replacement? Just contact our support team and we’ll get it resolved for you.

We have plans that provide range and cooktop warranty coverage regardless of how unexpected an appliance failure is. Choose from several different options and add-ons to ensure that you’re only paying for the coverage you need.

Our plans are highly-flexible, customizable, and guaranteed to provide you with the right level of protection. Don’t rely on manufacturer’s warranties. Get coverage for either home appliances, systems, or both for less than $1.50 a day. 

Enjoy 24/7 support, lightning-fast response times, live updates on the status of your claims, and in-house inspections by certified technicians whenever necessary.

Our clients love our fast quotes, excellent service, easy billing, and exceptional quality. Find out why we’re so renowned in today’s market home warranty market.

We offer billing cycles including month-to-month, yearly, and even multi-year contracts if you are expecting to stay in your home for an extended time. The coverage applies regardless of how many years you’ve owned your current appliances.

Call (866) 699-4589 to get a quote or a free home service consultation today. Don’t wait until it’s too late to protect your oven and stove with one of our cooktop warranty plans.

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