How to Choose the Best Home Warranty for Septic Systems?

Erin Easley

Written By Clint Bird

Published 11/18/21
How to Choose the Best Home Warranty for Septic Systems

A septic system warranty can save you money and time when it comes to repairing this costly, yet vital part of your home. Suburban and rural homes without access to public sewer systems will likely have to rely on a septic system for waste management. This means that it's not only important to maintain this essential system in your home, but to also be prepared for the inevitable breakdowns that can occur to your septic system over time. This article will help you navigate septic system warranty plans.  

More broadly, a home warranty, which will cover more than just your septic system, is a service contract that covers the cost of repair and replacement of your home's systems and appliances when they break down over time from normal wear and tear. Approximately 20 percent of homes in the United States use septic systems that locally treat their wastewater. Typically, septic systems are considered an add-on to a home warranty plan, so it's important to do your research when choosing a home warranty that will cover your septic system.

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Best Home Warranty for Septic Systems

Choosing the best home warranty to provide coverage for your home's septic system most importantly depends on whether the home warranty provider even covers it. Liberty Home Guard, rated #1 home warranty company by U.S. News & World Report, does provide coverage of septic systems. We offer the most add-ons in the industry because we know that each home is unique and deserves unique coverage. You can read more about the flexible plans and add-ons of a Liberty Home Guard home warranty. At Liberty Home Guard, you also have the option of choosing just a septic protection plan if that's all the coverage you're looking for in your home. The choice is yours.

The next step in choosing the best home warranty provider is to see exactly what the home warranty plan will cover regarding specific repairs to your septic system. Most providers will not cover the entire cost of replacing this system, but some will help shoulder the cost of this. It's important to ask the provider about coverage of this specific item and what it entails. Fortunately, replacing a septic system is rarely the issue and it's an item that is just in need of repair, although that can be costly too. To be extra thorough, you should ask home warranty providers to read a sample contract of a home warranty plan to see what it covers. 

Finally, pay attention to who the home warranty provider works with. Not all septic system warranty plans promise workmanship from licensed technicians. Liberty Home Guard works with only licensed technicians and all repairs come with a 60-day guarantee. This is especially important regarding a septic system. This vital part of your home happens to be the messiest. The last thing you want on your hands is low quality repairs when it comes to managing your home's waste.

Home Warranty Septic System Coverage

Most home warranty companies will not cover the cost of replacing a septic system, but luckily the lifespan of this home appliance is long, especially if it is well maintained. See below for tips on maintaining your septic system so that you won't need to worry about repairing it often. You still will want coverage, though, for when repairs are needed.

Septic system warranty plans will help you in the long run because this is a home item that can cost a lot when it does need repairs. Liberty Home Guard offers expansive coverage of the septic system, including covering repairs related to unclogging and mainline stoppage. Additionally, LHG can cover $200 toward your septic system's once a year pumping, which is vital to the maintenance of septic systems. At LHG we pride ourselves on our commitment to high quality workmanship and our unparalleled efforts to meet each customer's unique needs. We offer the most comprehensive and flexible coverage in the industry. All repairs come with a 60-day workmanship guarantee.

The Cost of Septic System Coverage

Most home warranty plans cost anywhere from $20-$200 a month. Coverage for a septic system is an add-on because they are not considered a conventional home system. This does not mean you can't find an affordable home warranty that will cover your home's septic system. Liberty Home Guard has three major plans to choose from --the Systems Guard, the Appliance Guard, and the Total Home Guard-- and offers septic tank coverage as an add-on to any of these plans. We have competitive pricing and comprehensive coverage when it comes to protecting this home item.

Septic Tank Preventative Maintenance

Repairing a septic system can be a headache, but fortunately it's not something you'll need to do often if the system is well maintained. Here are some tips to maintain your septic tanks:

Pump your tank periodically. This goes without saying. The bigger the household, the more usage, and the more frequent you'll need to pump it. We recommend that this occurs at least once a year.

Only dispose of items meant for this system. Do not overwork and ultimately clog your system by disposing of paper towel, tampons, pet waste including cat litter, or food into your septic system.

Do not dispose of chemicals. This system is not designed to break down toxins such as drano, paint thinners, oils, and any nonorganic waste. Inorganic chemicals can damage your pipes, and in some cases toxins will degrade the important bacteria needed to clean your waste.

Watch your household's water consumption. Do not use all of your home appliances that use water at the same time. This will allow for more efficient drainage and cause less strain on the septic system. Using all appliances at once will put too much strain on your system. 

Protect the area surrounding your tank. Most likely your septic tank will be buried in your yard. Limit any pressure on the integrity of the tank. Do not park over it or plant trees and plants within 100 yards of the tanks. The expanding roots can damage the tanks. 

Choose Liberty Home Guard as your Septic Tank Warranty

Home warranty septic coverage will help save you money when it comes time for repairs and pumping. Liberty Home Guard is the best option when it comes to comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. We are also the most customer-centric provider in the industry. Filing claims with us is easy and our support team is available by phone or online 24/7. Contact us today at 866- 225 - 7958 for more information on septic system coverage.



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