Septic System Home Warranty Coverage

Septic System Home Warranty Coverage

You probably never think about your home’s septic system until something goes wrong. But when it does, it’s something you’ll never forget about. 

The idea of maintaining and repairing your septic system may seem challenging. Maybe your solution to backups is to keep a plunger next to the toilet and call a contractor.

This may work sometimes, but it isn’t a long-term solution. You need something you can rely on to protect you when things go south.

A septic system home warranty coverage is definitely worth your money. Septic backups can cost thousands of dollars to repair, countless hours to clean, and a lot longer to get rid of the smell.

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Understanding Septic System Home Warranty Coverage

Septic system home warranty coverage is a type of protection plan designed to help homeowners deal with unexpected repairs and maintenance costs associated with their septic systems. Similar to home warranties that cover appliances and systems within a home, septic system warranties offer financial protection against the expenses of repairing or replacing components of the septic system.

These warranties typically cover a range of components within the septic system, including but not limited to:

  1. Septic Tank: Covers repairs or replacements of the tank itself, including issues such as cracks, leaks, or structural damage.

  2. Distribution Box: Protection for the distribution box, which evenly distributes effluent from the septic tank into the drain field.

  3. Drain Field: Coverage for repairs or replacements of the drain field, which allows effluent to percolate into the soil.

  4. Pumps and Motors: Protection for any pumps or motors that are part of the septic system, ensuring they are functioning correctly.

  5. Pipe and Line Repairs: Coverage for repairs to pipes and lines that transport waste to and from the septic tank.

What Are the Effects of Septic System Failure?

Septic system failure is no laughing matter. Many Americans still rely on septic systems to process their household sewage.

Problems with your septic system can have a variety of consequences impacting not only your home, but also the environment around you.

  • Wastewater that seeps into the ground contains contaminants. These contaminants include bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi that may cause infections in humans. Sometimes, these pollutants can end up in your drinking water.
  • Lose valuable possessions. A major septic failure can lead to damage in your house. You may lose priceless possessions that you cannot replace easily (or at all).
  • Damaged pipes mean leaky drainage. Plumbing problems can put your home at risk of further leakage, burst pipes, and other issues related to your drainage system.
  • An aging system significantly reduces the value of your home. This can make it difficult for you to sell your home later on.

Why Have a Septic System Home Warranty?

Septic failures can cost between $5,000 to $30,000 on average to repair or replace—and sometimes even more if a problem cascades out of control. 

Exact amounts depend on the type of system and the nature of the damage. A septic tank warranty protects you from catastrophe and keeps more of your money in your pocket.

You can’t beat that.

Don’t wait until you start seeing warning signs like slow drains and backed-up toilets. Get your home septic tank coverage it needs to stay protected from a stinky situation.

Looking for Even More Coverage?

Some plans let you cover appliances like stovetops, refrigerators, and even swimming pools under one contract.

You may even be able to protect your HVAC and water pumping systems. Liberty Home Guard provides flexible coverage based on your needs. We let you choose what level of coverage you want, offer the best home warranty prices in the industry, and provide you with the peace of mind you so badly deserve.

Does a Home Warranty Cover a Septic System?

Liberty Home Guard offers coverage for septic systems as well as kitchen appliances, air conditioning units, and other essential components of your home.

Don’t rely on your homeowner’s insurance policy to cover septic system failure. Most plans don’t cover sewer and water damage and can leave you exposed when things go wrong. 

What you need is a reliable home warranty that will help you cover the necessary repairs and replacement parts you need. Whether you need to repair your septic tank, pumps, or sewage ejector fixed or replaced, we have a plan for you.

Why Liberty Home Guard?

Are you looking for certified, professional, and reliable service? Do you want 24/7 access to vetted service workers in case of a major accident or septic system failure? 

Then Liberty Home Guard is exactly what you need. Our home insurance for septic tanks will keep you protected from everything life throws at you.

We offer the most competitive prices and fastest response times on the market. Get coverage for your appliances and home systems and give your family the peace of mind it deserves.

Whether you want a septic drain field warranty or a home insurance septic tank, the Liberty Home Guard team can help. Get in touch with our team by calling (866) 699-4589 to see what our happy clients have to say about the service we provide. 

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