What Does a Whirlpool Warranty Cover?

Erin Easley

Written By Erin Easley

Published 10/20/20
Whirlpool Appliance Warranty

Whirlpool appliances are common fixtures in homes throughout the United States and beyond. The company has earned a reputation for manufacturing quality refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, and more, but even the best mass-produced products can malfunction or break down sooner or later. This article will provide some information about what you can expect if your Whirlpool appliance gives you some unexpected trouble.

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Whirlpool Appliance Warranty

Whirlpool provides warranties for all of its products available for purchase in the United States, but the details of coverage can differ from product to product. Generally speaking, Whirlpool offers warranty coverage for one year. Specific components, however, may have coverage that extends beyond that first year. For example, Whirlpool may cover an entire washing machine for one year, but they will repair or replace certain parts of the machine for two, five, or even ten years. Completing the Whirlpool product registration process on the company’s website can make it easier for you to find the specific coverage for your Whirlpool product.

Whirlpool appliance warranty coverage means the company will handle the cost of labor and parts if a Whirlpool machine malfunctions due to a factory defect. Conveniently, Whirlpool will even take care of finding a technician to service the machine. There are limitations to Whirlpool warranty coverage, however.

So what won’t a Whirlpool warranty cover? Here’s a brief overview.

  • Damage sustained from accidents, misuse, fire, flood, or other disasters
  • Cosmetic damage or discoloration
  • Machines used in a commercial, non-residential, or multi-family space
  • Consumable products, such as lightbulbs, batteries, and filters
  • Machines that have been damaged by unauthorized repairpersons
  • Machines that have been modified or altered
  • Appliance pick-up or delivery costs

Whirlpool Extended Warranty

If you’re interested in Whirlpool warranty coverage that goes beyond the standard year of coverage, Whirlpool does offer extended warranties. The company refers to these are extended service plans. These plans usually extend coverage for an additional three years. Here are some of the other benefits Whirlpool advertises.

  • Certified Whirlpool parts and components
  • Certified Whirlpool technicians
  • Payment plans
  • Discounts on plans that cover multiple Whirlpool appliances
  • The ability to transfer coverage to a new owner
  • Risk-fee and easy cancellation

The price of a Whirlpool extended service plan varies depending on the type of appliance and the number of appliances included in the plan.

Cost of Appliance Repairs

In an ideal scenario, a homeowner will not need to pay out-of-pocket if a Whirlpool appliance fails. But what if the damage sustained by the appliance isn’t covered by Whirlpool’s warranty? What if the Whirlpool warranty has already expired?

The cost of Whirlpool appliance repairs quickly adds up. The cost of replacing a refrigerator compressor can easily exceed $800. A critical part in a Whirlpool washing machine, clothes dryer, or dishwasher can be upwards of $400.

How to Continue Protecting Your Whirlpool Appliances

Fortunately, there are cost-effective ways of covering your Whirlpool appliance well after the manufacturer’s warranty has expired. Whether you’re looking for a clothes washer home warranty, clothes dryer home warranty, refrigerator home warranty, or a warranty that includes all of the above and more, Liberty Home Guard can provide a comprehensive and affordable plan.

A home warranty is a service contract that protects appliances and systems in and around your home. When something breaks down due to normal wear and tear, we’ll send a licensed technician to your home to repair the problem. If repair isn’t feasible, we can cover your appliance’s replacement. In some cases, you can even receive a cash payout.

You can call us at (833)-544-8273 to find a home warranty that is compatible with your home’s needs.

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