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Lacanche Appliance Repair & Warranty


Known for their quality and durability, Lacanche ranges are valued by professional chefs and home cooks alike. If you’re a fortunate owner of a Lacanche appliance, read on for information about limited warranties on Lacanche products and extended coverage options for when those warranties expire.

Lacanche Appliances Warranty Coverage

The warranty coverage Lacanche offers is a testament to the quality of their products. Many manufacturers offer warranties that expire after only a year or two. Lacanche, however, stands behind their equipment with warranties that last for three years.

Lacanche’s warranties cover any defects in materials and workmanship. If the range doesn’t work as it should, even 36 months into use, Lacanche will handle the necessary repair.

As far as manufacturers’ warranties go, three years is a long time. But we expect our appliances—especially high-end ranges—to last well beyond three years. Lacanche ranges can and do last many years, but consumers should prepare themselves for the possibility of a malfunction or problem that arises beyond the first three years. You could take your chances and foot the bill if your range requires repair, but there’s an alternative. An extended warranty can help you maintain your Lacanche appliances for a remarkably long time.

Lacanche Appliance Extended Warranty Coverage

A home appliance extended warranty is a cost-effective way to maintain home equipment that is no longer under warranty by the manufacturer. Some companies offer their own extended warranties or service plans. Others outsource these plans to other companies. Lacanche does neither. As a smaller, more specialized company, Lacanche does not provide extended warranty service on their ranges.

Liberty Home Guard has you covered. We cover Lacanche ranges and virtually every other home appliance or system, regardless of the manufacturer. This means you can find a plan that is broader in scope than an extended warranty on a single kitchen appliance. In effect, you can cover everything in your home—from your range to your water heater to your plumbing system—under one policy.

You can also be sure that you’ll have the highest level of service when it comes time to submit a claim. We have a network of licensed and insured technicians who are trained to repair whatever home equipment you own.

Call us at (866)-748-2399 to learn more about a plan that can work for you, be it a targeted warranty for your Lacanche range or a comprehensive home warranty. We’ll help you customize a plan that will protect your belongings and save you money.

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